2003 Sonic Blue Mustang GT - Shane Plyler '03

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Shane Plyler Columbus, GA 2003 Sonic Blue Mustang GT

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 17" Chrome Saleen Rims
Front Tires: Toyo Tires
Rear Rims: 17" Chrome Saleen Rims
Rear Tires: Toyo Tires
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • Two, 10" "Massive" Subwoofers
  • Door and Rear "Massive" Tweeters
  • Dual Flip Screen-Touch Screen CD-DVD Player

Car Bio
I found my Mustang at an Acura dealer in Columbus, Georgia in December 2006. Ever since I had been a child, I had always loved blue Mustangs, and I nearly wrecked when I drove by and saw this one. At that point, I owned a '99 Chevy Camaro V6. Although I had upgraded the appearance in many ways, a V6 just could not satisfy my urge for speed. I went into the dealership and looked at the Mustang, fell in love, and convinced the guy I would be there tomorrow morning with my mom. (It's hard to convince a seasoned car dealer that a 16 year old will be buying a Mustang GT.)
    The next morning, my mom and I arrived for the test drive. I had never owned a manual shift, so I had my friend teach me on his RX-7. Little did I know the mustang had over a grand put into the exhaust, with no cats, a BBK X-Pipe, and Flowmasters. The thing shook the ground when the dealer cranked it up. We took it out, and after 15 minutes of driving the only complaint I had was the stiff turning, which could be comparable to a tank after driving my mom's Lexus. We purchased it a few weeks later and I've been in love ever since. Thousands of dollars and multiple modifications later, it gets the attention it deserves. I've taken it to the drag strip a few times and aside from the gas mileage it is a great daily driver. Turbo on the way.