How to Install Brake Light Pulser - Plug-in on your 2010-2014 Mustang

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Tools Required

  • A small flathead screwdriver might be helpful but not needed
Installation Time: (approx) 30 Minutes


It is beneficial to have a friend or park in a place where your brake lights are facing the wall to help with checking the pulser.

  1. Open your trunk, Remove the two push pins on the trunk located near the latch.

    Brake-Light-Pulser--Plug-in-(10-14 All)-Install-99035-1
    Brake-Light-Pulser--Plug-in-(10-14 All)-Install-99035-2

  2. Fold down the carpet so you can see the brake light.

    Brake-Light-Pulser--Plug-in-(10-14 All)-Install-99035-3

  3. Unclip the harness that plugs into the brake light.

    Brake-Light-Pulser--Plug-in-(10-14 All)-Install-99035-4

  4. Plug in the factory harness into the pulser unit.

    Brake-Light-Pulser--Plug-in-(10-14 All)-Install-99035-5

  5. Plug in the other side of the pulser unit into the brake light.
  6. Make sure the pulser is tucked away under the carpet.
  7. Reinstall the carpet using the push pins, close the trunk.

    Brake-Light-Pulser--Plug-in-(10-14 All)-Install-99035-6
    Brake-Light-Pulser--Plug-in-(10-14 All)-Install-99035-7

  8. Start your car, have your friend stand behind your Mustang or look at the wall behind you and press the brake. Ensure it flashes. Enjoy!

Installation Instructions written by American Muscle Customer Ricardo Iglesias 4/8/2013

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