How to install BMR Adjustable Front Lower Control Arms on your 2005-2009 Mustang

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BMR Adjustable Front Lower Control A-Arms - Standard Ball Joint - Hammertone (05-09 All)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

  • Jack, Jack Stands, Lug wrench
  • 15mm wrench
  • drive ratchet with 18mm deep socket and 21mm socket
  • Brass hammer
Installation Time: (approx) 2 Hours


  1. Lift vehicle and support with stands positioned under the frame rails. Remove both front wheels/tires.
  2. This step is not necessary for installation but makes the work area more accessible. Using a 18mm deep socket, loosen both outer tie rod ends. Knock both tie rods loose from the spindles using a brass hammer.
  3. Using a 15mm wrench and 18mm socket, loosen and remove the spindle bolt that clamps the ball joint to the spindle.
  4. Using a 18mm socket (21mm for 2010 and newer), loosen and remove the rear A-arm bolts on the K-member.
  5. Using a 18mm socket, remove the front A-arm bolt on the K-member.
  6. Remove A-arm.
  7. If you are installing BMR non-adjustable A-arms, proceed with the installation using steps 1-6 in reverse. If installing BMR adjustable A-arms, adjust the rod-ends to the approximate length of the OE A-arm and then install. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE FRONT A-ARM BOLT UNTIL THE SUSPENSION IS LOADED, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL CAUSE BUSHING PRE-LOAD RESULTING IN PREMATURE BUSHING WEAR, IMPROPER RIDE HEIGHT, ETC.
  8. With the A-arms installed, torque the following bolts to these specs:
    • Rear A-arm bolts 95 FT/LBS.
    • Do not tighten front A-arm bolt at this time.
    • Tie rod stud 85 FT/LBS.
    • Ball joint cross-bolt 40 FT/LBS.
    • If using BMR adjustable A-arms, tighten the jam-nut on the rod end at this time.

  9. Repeat steps 3-8 for the other side.
  10. Re-install wheels/tires and allow the vehicles weight to rest on the suspension. The suspension is now loaded and the front bushings may be tightened to 95 FT/LBS. If not on a service lift, this step may be done on ramps or blocks.
  11. Grease all bushings on the A-arms with a grease gun. For optimal wear qualities and minimal noise, a silicone, polyurethane-specific grease is recommended.

With all versions of these A-arms, a 4-wheel alignment is necessary after installation. If you are installing BMR adjustable A-arms, it is possible to narrow the track width up to 9/16 per side. Depending on vehicle ride height, doing so may require additional camber adjustment in the form of camber bolts. These are also available from BMR under part number FC001.