How to install a Cervini Lower Billet Grille on your 2005-2009 GT Mustang

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Tools Required

Installation Time: (approx) 30 Minutes


Step 1: Remove the Front Bumper.

Step 2: Remove the black plastic insert from the lower portion of the mouth opening and hold it in place. To remove the plastic insert, bend the plastic tabs on each side of the insert out of the way, and pull out the insert as shown in Fig A.

Step 3: Align the Lower Billet Grille in the middle of the mouth opening and hold in place. Mark the hole locations through the pre-drilled mounting holes in the Grille. Take the Grille out and use the provided screws to make holes in the marked locations. You do not need to drill holes in the bumper! The provided screws will tap themselves into the plastic. Re-install the Lower Grille and screw it to the bumper with the provided screws as shown in Fig B.

cervini-lower-billet-grille-05-09-gt cervini-lower-billet-grille-05-09-gt cervini-lower-billet-grille-05-09-gt