Competition Engineering Mustang Driveshaft Safety Loop (05-10) - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

Installation Time: 2 Hrs


  1. Place the transmission in neutral and hoist the vehicle into position. While the vehicle is in the air, using a suitable transmission jack, support the transmission.
  2. Remove the crossmember bolts.
  3. Place the drive shaft Hoop on top of the existing crossmember and line up the bolt holes.
  4. Replace the crossmember mounting hardware with the new (longer) mounting hardware included in this kit.
  5. Place the push-in Plastic Tube Ends into the Drive Shaft Loop Assembly.
  6. Torque the (4) Mounting bolts to 46lb-ft (Ford Motor Company Workshop Manual).
  7. Position the Upper Retaining Hoop, completing the hoop assembly.
  8. Install retaining hardware Bolts, Washers and Nyloc Nuts. Nyloc Nuts to the outside of the hoop.
  9. Inspect the area around the drive shaft to ensure there are no obstructions.
  10. Lower the vehicle and road test.
  11. Some aftermarket exhaust systems use the transmission mount bolts as a hanger for the exhaust system. Some trimming of the mounting ears of the C8009 may be necessary to clear these hanger tabs.

Installation instructions provided by Competition Engineering.