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Customer Service

This whole story starts when I was 15 and I had to have a foxbody. So I went out and found the loudest fastest foxbody that 5 grand could buy. When I realized that this thing was a certain death trap I sold it and moved onto the 2000 GT convertible. The convertible was the best thing I ever had except I missed the 5 speed, so I went out looking for another car. I saw the Bullitt at a Dodge dealership and I had to have it. After being happy with my Bullitt I grew bored and bought a black 2000 GT with a VT modular 5.0 motor. It turned out to be a bad luck omen and realized I was happier with my slower more reliable Bullitt, so I sold the “black plague”. Many years down the road and thousands of dollars spent I now have a loud 5 speed car and a cruising automatic convertible but nothing that will get me anywhere in the snow. So now I am buying a 4 cyl foxbody… We will see how long that lasts.

About Jamie's mustang

Jamie's '00 Mustang GT Convertible

My convertible GT has been through many different situations, but It still remains my favorite car. It’s fun to drive and it’s fun to take down the shore, drop the top and sit in traffic. One day I hope to give it an 03-04 Cobra heart transplant.


1/4 Mile
13.98 @98 mph
Styling Upgrades
  • Bullitt Pedals
  • Dark Smoked Headlights
  • Dark Smoked Fog Lights
  • Performance Upgrades
  • BBK Cold Air Intake
  • title="Pypes Violator Cat Back">Pypes Violator Cat Back
  • Ford Motorsport 3:73 Gears
  • SCT SF3 Tuner
  • Future Modifications
  • Black 2003 Cobra Wheels