JLT Performance Ram Air Intake (99-01, 03-04 Cobra) - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

Installation Time: 60 Mins


  1. Remove your stock intake system from the throttle body to the filter housing.
  2. Unbolt your MAF from the filter housing and install MAF filter adaptor. You do not reuse the screen.JLT RAI 0304 Cobra 1
  3. Clamp the air filter to the adaptor.
  4. Remove your air temperature sensor and install in the grommet on bottom side of JLT painted pipe.

  5. 03, 04 Cobra only- Remove the large vacuum connection on the line at throttle body. The supplied vacuum line will connect the bottom fitting on pipe to the factory line.

    JLT RAI 0304 Cobra 2
  6. Install MAF / filter unit to the pipe, using the reducing coupler and tighten all clamps.
  7. Install complete set up to the throttle body. Tilt filter in toward headlight and bring down to meet with throttle body.
  8. 03, 04 Cobra only- Connect the new vacuum line to the original and plug in the air temp.

    JLT RAI 0304 Cobra 3

  9. If used, install rubber hose to valve cover.
    Note:cut about a 1/2" off end of hose. Not included but if needed, zip tie the ends for a better fit.
    Bullitt owners,
    use supplied % hose to connect IAT and use factory PCV connection to the fittings on the JLT pipe.
  10. Plug in MAF and check all clamps. Make sure clamp doesn't interfere with throttle linkage.
  11. Bolt heat shield to stock airbox location with stock bolt.

Installation instructions provided by JLT