Maximum Motorsports Mustang K-Member (96-04 GT)

Maximum Motorsports Mustang K-Member (96-04 GT)
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AmericanMuscle no longer carries the Maximum Motorsports Mustang K-Member (96-04 GT). Please check out Mustang Suspension Parts for an updated selection.

Maximum Motorsports spent over two years optimizing their Mustang K-Member, both on the track and on the computer. The result is that the front of your car will corner like nothing else you've experienced. Unlike other Mustang K-Members on the market, strength, stiffness, and durability are given a higher priority than ultra-low weight so that your investment will last the life of your Mustang.

What makes the Maximum Motorsports K-Member unique:

  • Maximum Motorsports' K-Member lengthens the wheelbase 3/4", which improves the front/rear weight distribution and increases caster.
  • Maximum Motorsports optimized the vertical location of the control arm pivots. This improves the camber curve on lowered vehicles and improves the roll center height.
  • Maximum Motorsports' K-Member offers two different vertical locations for the control arm pivots, allowing you to choose the one that's best for your car's ride height.
  • Maximum Motorsports optimized the location of the steering rack for the greatest improvement in Ackerman steering geometry, which helps reduce understeer and tire wear.
  • After extensive testing of anti-dive, Maximum Motorsports determined that Ford got it right! The stock amount of anti-dive is best, and that is what was built into the Maximum Motorsports K-member.
  • Increased oil-pan clearance for all aftermarket oil-pans means oil-pan service is easier.
  • Header clearance is increased by over 1" in critical areas.
  • Easier access to the starter motor.
  • Pre drilled plumb bob holes for easy and accurate squaring of the K-member to the car.
  • The factory Ford Mustang K-Members weigh on average 50lb. The Maximum Motorsports K-Member weighs 36lb.
Proper installation of the K-Member will also require the use of the following parts:
  • Tubular front control arms (stock control arms are not compatible because of the large outside diameter of the pivot bushings)
  • Caster/Camber plates
  • Front Coil-Over conversion kit
  • Aluminum steering rack bushings
  • MM Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends