How to Install a Moroso Windage Tray on your 1996-2010 Mustang GT

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Tools Required

Installation Time: 3 Hours



NOTE: Oiling system upgrades are best performed with the engine out of the vehicle.

  1. Remove oil pan from engine. Clean pan rail and block surface.
  2. Remove oil pickup tube (two fasteners at oil pump, one at main cap). Put fasteners and flange a-ring aside for reinstallation.
  3. Remove OEM windage tray if equipped (4V & 3V).
  4. Install suppiiechr10unting studs into block rails.
  5. Install tray on block (there are three common methods, all effective).
  6. Method 1. Block / gasket / tray / gasket / pan (recommended) (Must trim vertical nubs on one gasket)

    Method 2. Block / sealant / tray / gasket / pan

    Method 3. Block / gasket / tray / sealant / pan

  7. Reinstall oil pickup tube (4V pickup requires careful scraper removal). Check pickup to pan clearance and adjust as needed.
  8. Rotate engine by hand and check for any interference. Adjust tray if needed.
  9. Reinstall oil pan (4V OEM pan requires careful scraper removal). Torque to factory specs.

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