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2005-2014 Mustang Brake Pad Information

Written By: Glenn Cope II

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Aftermarket brake pads are the easiest ay to improve your Mustang's stopping ability and overall safety. Select a set of pads from one of the top manufacturers and enjoy the benefits of a more responsive braking system.

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A critical system of a 2005-2014 Mustang is the braking system. In terms of brake pads, there's a huge variety available and we lay out the various brake pad options for the Ford Mustang so you can fine tune your pony's braking system.

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Mustang Brake Fade

We all appreciate our Mustangs because they perform well under acceleration, but with one simple upgrade it can also perform well under braking. If you have ever taken your mustang out on a race track and after a few hot laps you find yourself pushing hard on the brake pedal and NOT getting the stopping power you expect, it is a very unsettling feeling to say the least. This is brake fade.

Many of today’s high performance brake pads offer a wide range of performance even without having to bring them up to a certain operating temperature. This is thanks to specific material compounds that ensure constant friction at all temperature ranges. In addition to enhanced performance, this material also offers remarkable noise reduction and reduced rotor and pad wear. However, the more aggressive the pad composition, the more it will produce dust. There is just no avoiding this on high performance brake pad compounds.

Mustang Hawk Brake Pad Types

How a Mustang's Brake Pads Work

Brake pads work by removing energy from your Mustang via the friction they create when forced against the brake rotor. Friction causes heat and the longer the friction is endured, the more heat is created. To solve this, some pads are designed to run very hot before losing their friction coefficient.

However, no brake pad can perform at the best level in all situations. The following section details things you should consider to help you pick the best brake pad for your type of driving.

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When Choosing Brakes For a Mustang:

1. How well does it stop when cold? Some pads require you get them up to a certain operating temperature.

2. How well does it stop when hot? How the pad resists fading under higher temperature such as on the race track.

3. How long is the pad life? A street pad will last longer but will not have the friction that race pad will.

4. How long is rotor life? An aggressive pad is hard on the rotor’s surface and can lead to replacing your rotors sooner than usual.

5. How much noise does it make? High performance pads have a tendency to squeal.

6. How much does it dust? High performance pads have a tendency to dust more than a street pad.

If you have two brake pads made of the same compound, the larger pad will not in itself give you a shorter stopping distance. The caliper piston pressure, the pad’s friction coefficient and the amount of rotor that the pressure is applied to are all factors in overall stopping distance. A larger pad in itself does not apply more pressure; it only touches a greater surface area.

Mustang Powerstop Brake Pads

Mustang Brake Pad Sizing

The size of a brake pad matters only in terms of heat capacity and wear rate. A larger pad can absorb more initial heat and have better wear characteristics, resulting in longer pad life. If you can’t afford a larger big brake kit that increases the rotor size and offers more caliper pistons, then you can get the next best thing and get a high performance brake pad.

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Replacing Your Mustang's Brake Pads

Hawk brake pads, among others, make a very nice set of brake pads for the Mustang. Getting a new set of brake pads will give you a new appreciation for how much you were missing before you tried an aggressive brake pad. Be sure to get a new set of rotors or have your existing rotors turned so that you have a nice fresh surface to bed them into. Be sure to follow the bedding instructions included with the brake pads. For more details concerning other brake system parts, check out our brake system guide.

Hawk HPSHawk CeramicHawk HP Plus
Street/Strip UseDaily DriverAutocross/Track
Great BrakingGood BrakingExcellent Braking
Ferro-CarbonPerformance CeramicFerro-Carbon
QuietExtremely QuietFade Resistant
Low DustUltra-Low DustIncreased Sound and Dust
Fitment includes: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, GT, V6, ShelbyGT500, Bullitt, Boss