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What Ford Mustang Gears Should I Get?

Written By: Gin Yum

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Gears are far and wide one of the best performance mods you can possibly install on your Mustang. Don't get left in the dust-grab the set of rear gears that's right for your application and experience the difference.

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Gears will transform your Mustang from a tame pony into something more deserving of its nameplate. The increase in performance combined with the low cost means this is one of the best bang for your buck mods that you can do to your Mustang.

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What exactly are Mustang gears?

Gears can be a pretty general term but in this case, they refer to the ring and pinion gears that reside in the rear differential. Without getting too much into the technical details of how they work, they essentially convert the power coming from your driveshaft to power needed to turn your wheels.

Gears are referred to by ratios, such as “3.31 gears.” This means that the driveshaft needs to turn 3.31 times in order to turn your wheels once. People upgrade to numerically higher gears because increasing this number gives your engine more leverage and makes it easier to accelerate faster. Higher gears, such as 4.10 gears, can be referred to as a steeper gear. A set of 4.10 gears will also result in a decrease of your top speed, which is why they can also be referred to as shorter gears. 

What gears should I get for my Mustang?

Mustangs came from the factory with anything between 2.73 to 3.31 gears. By far, the most popular upgrades are 4.10 and 3.73 gears. The gear set you choose depends on your end goal and how you drive your Mustang.

Benefits of 4.10 Gears

Rapid Acceleration – Hard Launches

Great for drag racing

Mix of city and highway driving

Benefits of 3.73 Gears

Great Acceleration

Great for road racing/long commutes

Most driving is done on the highway

Results after installing your Mustang's new rear gears

Either set of gears will instantly transform your Mustang and make it feel like a completely different car. You’ll be able to chirp tires on command and you’ll be accelerating noticeably faster. Many people are curious if getting 4.10 gears will make a big impact on your fuel economy. The simple truth is that your driving habits make a much bigger impact on fuel economy than what gears you have. Many people, who get 3.73 gears at first, end up upgrading again to 4.10 gears so don’t fear the gear and make your decision based on performance expectations. 

We’ve had many customers ask what their RPMs will be at a given speed after installing gears. To show you exactly what effect gears will have on your car, we’ve created RPM tables that are on all gear product pages. You’ll be able to see exactly what RPM your engine will be turning at various speeds before buying gears. 

Once you’ve decided on what gears to buy, head over to Gear Installation article to see what you need for smooth and trouble free install. 

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