Mustang Windshield Banner - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

  • Spray Bottle w/ Dish Soap & Water Mixture
  • Plastic Squeegee
Installation Time: 15 Mins


  1. Clean window well to ensure good adhesion of the decal. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and dish soap. You can also use glass cleaner if you choose. Be sure to install banner out of direct sunlight.
  2. Spray window with a generous amount of the soap and water mixture

    Mustang Windshield Banner 1

  3. Peel backing from banner exposing the adhesive.

    Mustang Windshield Banner 2

  4. Using a partner, hold banner over windshield and lay down as straight as possible. Once on window, maneuver banner into desired position.

    Mustang Windshield Banner 3

    Mustang Windshield Banner 4

  5. Once you have the banner in its final position, use the plastic squeegee to push any air bubbles towards the outer edges.

    Mustang Windshield Banner 5

  6. After letting banner dry for a bit, push any remaining air bubbles out with the squeegee. When all air bubbles are out and banner is dry, carefully peel back protective coating as shown.

    Mustang Windshield Banner 6

Installation instructions provided by Manufacturer.

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