1984 Ford Mustang Parts & Performance

1984 Ford Mustang ('84)
The 1984 Mustang brought an end to the GLX series, replacing it with the LX model. Mustangs for the 1984 year included the hatchback, convertible, hardtop, and T-top models. Mid-year automatics received a 4 speed transmission along with a toned down 302, causing it to lose about 10 horses compared to the H.O. 302 in the GT. Dash lights changed from green to red, and a digital clock was added to the console. Another feature was a display of the car with warning lights for various sections - yellow for low fuel or washer fluid, and red when a headlamp or taillight burned out. Improved suspension came to all GT models in the form of lowered rear control arm pivots on both upper and lower ends. 1984 was the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Mustang, and for the occasion a GT 350 was sold with a H.O. 302 or turbo 4 cylinder. A total of 5,261 GT 350s were produced, mostly hatchbacks with a limited number of convertibles.

This was the first year for the SVO, a high-performance variant that featured an intercooled 2.3L turbocharged SOHC four cylinder engine that pumped out 175 HP, gas-charged Koni shocks, four wheel disc brakes, 1.12" diameter anti-sway bars and forged steel lower trailing arms. Inside, the SVO featured a Hurst shifter, bucket seats, dead pedal, 140 mph speedometer and 8000 RPM tachometer, plus water temp and oil pressure gauges.

This was also the first year a Saleen Mustang was available. Looking for restoration or aftermarket parts for your 84 Mustang? We have what you are looking for, check out our sections below. We have a great selection of performance parts, accessories, upgrades, and mods. We have all of the 84 Mustang parts you are looking for to get your Fox Body back in shape or just keep her looking and feeling great.

1984 Mustang Parts

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1984 Ford Mustang Specs

Engine HP TQ 0-60 1/4 Mile
2.3L 2V 4cyl 88 HP    
2.3L EFI 4cyl (Turbo GT) 145 HP      
2.3L EFI 4cyl (SVO) 175 HP      
3.8L EFI V-6 120 HP      
5.0L EFI V-8 165 HP      
5.0L EFI V-8 (HO) 175 HP      
Retail Prices
Model Price
Standard Coupe $7,089
Convertible $11,840
Standard Hatchback $7,260
Production Numbers
Model Quantity
Standard Coupe 37,680
Convertible 17,600
Standard Hatchback 86,200
VIN Decoder
Code Engine/Body/Options
1FA Ford Motor Co.
B Restraint system (B-active belts)
P Passenger Car
26 Body code (26 - 2dr sedan, 27 - 2dr convertible, 28 - 3dr hatchback)
A 2.3L 2V 4cyl 88hp
T 2.3L EFI 4cyl 145hp (Turbo GT)
W 2.3L EFI 4cyl 175hp (SVO)
3 3.8L EFI V-6 120hp
F 5.0L EFI V-8 165hp
M 5.0L EFI V-8 175hp (HO)
6 Check digit (varies)
D Year (D - 1983)
F Plant (F-Dearborn)
000001 Consecutive unit number
Production Numbers by Color
Model Quantity
Light Academy Blue 443
Black 10,019
Silver 5,134
Medium Canyon Red 5,257
Light Canyon Red 5,423
Dark Academy Light 537
Light Desert Tan 680
Bright Copper 1,058
Oxford White 10,854
Desert Tan Poly 129
Dark Charcoal 6,677
Special Service 448
Mustang Exterior Colors
Color Code
Light Acadamy Blue 35
Black 1C
Silver 1E
Medium Canyon Red 2A
Light Canyon Red 2E
Dark Acadamy Light 5C
Light Desert Tan 8Q
Bright Copper 9C
Oxford White 9L
Desert Tan Poly 9N
Dark Charcoal 9W
Mustang Interior Trim Colors
Cadet Blue
Canyon Red
Desert Tan
White/Red (Convertible)
White/Blue (Convertible)
White/Charcoal (Convertible)