1993 GT Foxbody Project Car

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  • Project Foxbody - Stage 1

    Project Foxbody Stage 1 Our New Fox Body Convertible is in Major Need of Some Maintenance

    To say that our "new" Fox Body project is a little rough would be an understatement! However, our high mileage GT still has hope. Watch us freshen up our 93 5.0L powertrain and get this 'vert ready for the paint booth. We test this factory freak on the dyno and the track to find our baseline.

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  • Project Foxbody Stage 2

    Project Foxbody Stage 2 We Kick This Restoration Up a Notch With a Much Needed Rehab

    After coming back from paint, Project Fox Body is definitely headed in the right direction. Watch us completely restore the interior and exterior of our convertible to match the fresh paint job. Finally, with a new convertible top and weather-stripping, our 93 GT is looking good as new!

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  • Project Foxbody Stage 3

    Project foxbody Stage 3 Time To Add a Little Horsepower to Our Resto'd Fox Body Convertible

    Now that our Fox Body project has been fully restored to showroom quality, it's time to back up our Cobra appearance with some horsepower! Our 'vert is getting the full engine teardown to boost the performance as much as possible, while still maintaining the cobra under-hood appearance.

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  • Project Foxbody Stage 4

    Project foxbody Stage 3 Taking Project Fox Body To A Whole New Level!

    We were extremely happy with the overall results on Stage 3, but being AmericanMuscle we had to have more! Next, our fox is topped off with a Vortech Supercharger, 6-point roll bar, and a few other drag racing goodies. Check out what Project Fox Body is made of and watch us tear up the track in Stage 4!

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