2005 Mineral Gray Mustang GT - Jeff Laliberte '05

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Jeff Laliberte N/A 2005 Mineral Gray Mustang GT

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: Stock 17" Wheels
Front Tires: 265/50/17 BF Goodrich
Rear Rims: Stock 17" Wheels
Rear Tires: 265/50/17 BF Goodrich
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
  • Roush Rear Spoiler
  • Roush Front Fascia w/ Fog Lights
  • Roush Chin Spoiler Kit
  • Custom Black Roush Lower Fascia Grille
  • Black Upper Billet Grille
  • Cervini's Quarter Window Scoops
  • Cervini's Side Scoop
  • Cervini's Hood Scoop
  • "Powered by Ford" Plenum Cover
  • NXT Gas Spring Hood Lift Kit
  • Silverhorse Honeycomb Rear Blackout Panel
  • GTS Headlight/Taillight/Foglight Blackout Kit
Car Audio Sound System
  • Shaker 1000 Stereo System

Car Bio

My wife and I have wanted to own a Mustang since before we were old enough to drive. She always wanted a convertible. We married at the age of 17 and now have five children from the ages of 12 to 27 years old and could not afford the luxury of a nice Mustang. My oldest son was living at home and going to Arizona State University. He married and they purchased a house of their own. When he moved out we were able to scrape enough money together so we could afford a new car, so we purchased a 2005 Mineral Grey V6 4.0 convertible Mustang. We liked it very much and thought it was the best car we had ever owned. One day a few months later, we ended up at the Ford dealer looking at the new 2006 Mustangs and found a 2005 Mineral Grey Mustang GT coupe. After a test drive and feeling what the power of the V8 compared to the V6 was, I had to buy it. Plus, it matched the color of the convertible, which was a bonus and was meant to be. After all the years our of scraping by our dreams finally came true.

Our next oldest son is now in college. When we are able to save enough to buy the parts to modify the Mustangs I order the parts and as a family project we install all the parts ourselves. This has been a great way for all of us to do something together and to enjoy the outcome over and over. Our 2005 GT Coupe and the 2005 Convertible started out as very nice stock Mustangs. And thanks to all of the aftermarket parts available @ American Muscle.com, we can say that "Our Mustangs have the style and look we wanted them to have." Our Mustangs have been a great family project and is always on going. The kids love going to car shows and displaying all their hard work. The GT won Ride of the Month in a contest we entered in Modified Mustangs and Fords magazine for the month of May.

Thank You,
Jeff, Cindy, James, Joshua, Sara, Joey and Stormy.