2006 Mustang GT "Project Grabber Boost"

2014 GT Project Grabber Boost
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  • Project Grabber Boost - Stage 1

    Project MMD - Episode 1 Project Grabber Boost Kicks-Off with Performance and Style!

    In the first Stage of our 06 GT, we lay down some stock numbers to set the bar for how we want to mod. After a much needed appearance package, we bolt-on a little bit of performance and sound to kick things off the right way!

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  • Project Grabber Boost - Stage 2

    Project Grabber Boost Stage 2 In Stage 2, It's All About Getting the Power to the Ground!

    You saw us add a little bit of horsepower and set the tone of the project in Stage 1, but now it's time to do some mods that will help us as we continue to add horsepower to our 06 GT. What good is power if you can't use it?

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  • Project Grabber Boost - Stage 3

    Project Grabber Boost Stage 3 Time to Crank Up the Power and Get Ready for Big Boost...

    In Stage 3, it's all about getting ready for Stage 4 and trying to keep up with Project Coyote, our friendly 2014 GT competitor. With a clutch to hold the power, lightweight driveshaft, longtubes and a shifter, we should be ready to rock in Stage 4!

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  • Project Grabber Boost - Stage 4

    Project Grabber Boost Stage 4 Big Horsepower Thanks To Some Help from a Supercharger!

    For our final Stage of Project Grabber Boost, we finally live up to our name! We crank out over 463HP to the tires and lay down a strong 1/4 mile pass to beat out our friendly competitor, Project Coyote, our 2014 Mustang GT.

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