2007 Blue Mustang GT - Theresa Dyson '07

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Theresa Dyson Virginia Beach, VA 2007 Blue Mustang GT

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: N/A
Front Tires: N/A
Rear Rims: N/A
Rear Tires: N/A
Aftermarket Performance Mods
  • N/A
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • N/A

Car Bio

I grew up loving Mustangs (Thanks, Dad) and this was the first time I had the timing right to purchase one. I ordered it and (not so patiently) waited for it to arrive. I nicknamed the car "Prudence" because I have to use a lot of it, but so far it's all stock. I added the stripes and tinting almost immediately, but haven't been able to add anything since, except the sequential tail light kit.