2007 Grabber Orange Mustang GT w/ Boss Stripe Package - Sandy Schneider '07

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Sandy Schneider St. Louis, MO 2007 Grabber Orange Mustang GT w/Boss Stripe Package

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 20" Deep Dish Torque Thrust M Wheels
Front Tires: 20x8.5 Toyo Tires
Rear Rims: 20" Deep Dish Torque Thrust M Wheels
Rear Tires: 20x10 Toyo Tires
Aftermarket Performance Mods
  • N/A
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
Car Audio Sound System
  • Stock Shaker 500 System w/ 6-CD Player

Car Bio

My fiancé and I are huge Mustang fans. When I met him he had a 1998 Black GT, which started being my daily driver, because he also had a work truck. When the '98 started getting too many miles, we traded it in on a 2003 Red Mustang GT and I drove that for about 3 years when it sprung an oil leak. Which really wasn't a big deal, but we had just had a brand new double driveway poured and I was banned to parking in the street. So I was on him to fix the leak, and he stated that we would just go buy a newer used Mustang. So, who was I to complain? We went to our local dealer and saw a really nice 2005 GT Yellow Convertible, they had no used Coupes on the lot. Well we already own a 1997 Pacific Green Cobra Convertible, so I didn't want to have 2 Convertibles. We asked the salesman to let us know when a used Coupe came to the dealership and as we were leaving, I spotted it. A brand new, 2007 Grabber Orange GT with the Boss stripe package on it. I had to have it. I told my fiancé (Jim)to ask him to price it up for me with my trade in and with the employee family discount we were getting. Jim told me there was no way I could afford that car, but I told him that it can't hurt to price it. So we did, and to Jim's amazement, it was a monthly price I could afford, and the rest is history. It has been my daily driver since February, 2007. I have in the past couple days bought a 1995 Ford Explorer that I am going to start driving during the winter months and the days it rains so I can preserve the condition of my Boss.

Another fun thing I like about this car is that I turn heads almost everywhere I go. The color is so bright, and the car is so tough looking, that it gets people's attention. I have also started taking it to car shows, and I take home a trophy at almost every show. So I am going to continue to take care of my baby, and I will keep adding different things along the way. Thanks for listening.