2007 Mystic Chrome Mustang GT Convertible - Bob Crass '07

Owner Location Year, Color, Model
Bob Crass Rogers, AR 2007 Mystic Chrome Illusion Mustang GT

Wheel and Tire Packages
Front Rims: 20" Platinum Wheels
Front Tires: Perelli 255/35/ZR20
Rear Rims: 20" Platinum Wheels
Rear Tires: Perelli 255/35/ZR20
Aftermarket Performance Mods
Aftermarket Upgrades and Modifications
  • Custom Paint Job - Mystic Chrome Illusion
    Faded Through Doors w/ Ghost Flames to Black in Rear
  • Xenon Side Scoops
  • Veridical Doors Inc Lambo Door Hinges
  • Drake Engine Dress Up Kit
  • Strut Tower Brace
  • Razzi Lower Body Kit
  • Fuel Rail Covers (Added Mystic Paint)
  • Fuse Box Cover (Added Mystic Paint)
  • Radiator Extension Cover (Added Mystic Paint
  • Plenum Cover
Car Audio Sound System
  • 7" In-Dash Dual DVD Player

Car Bio

It is a 2007 GT Mustang with Dupont Mystic Chrome Illusion Paint up front and faded out through doors with ghost flames to black in the back. Bought it brand new; it had 3.7 miles on it. This is my 3rd edition of this new style Mustang. My first one was a 2005 6 cylinder White one, as no GTs were available yet. I then traded in the White 6 cylinder for a Black GT. Me and the wife were looking at some Saleens when he let me see this one with the mystic paint (MY ford dealer set me up!) We had discussed doing a Cervini hood and some Mystic ghost stripes a couple months prior. It's all good as I have bought all my vehicles from him for years and will continue to. These guys are great!!! And he knew when I came in, all he had to do was show me the keys LOL. So we traded in the 06 Black GT for the 07 GT with mystic paint and let the mods begin.

My wife named her MISTY for the obvious reasons. The car gets awards at every show we have been in; well over 30 and counting. Also been in the GotStang.com Calendar two years in a row. We just enjoy showing her and going out for a head turning and jaw dropping cruise. It is a blast, especially when kids just run up and smile. Makes it all worth while. By the way we just got my wife a White Vert so I guess I am on hold for a while LOL.