How to install a BBK Catted Shorty X-Pipe on your 2005-2010 Mustang

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BBK Catted X-Pipe (05-10 GT w/ Long Tube Headers)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

Installation Time: (approx) 2 Hours


Step 1 After installing your new BBK full-length headers, you can now install the matching short X-pipe by simply bolting it in place of the old X-pipe assembly.*

Step 2 Using the washers and nuts supplied with your full-lengths stud kit, mount the front X-pipe flanges to the header collectors.

Step 3 Using the hardware kit supplied with the new BBK short X-pipe, attach the rear of the X-pipe to the muffler extension tubes (before tightening ensure that the tailpipes are in the correct location, if not move the X-pipe accordingly, then tighten).

Step 4 Reconnect factory air tube if installing on catalyst equipped pipes.

*It may be necessary to use some WD-40 to aid in the hanger installation. Due to the metal to rubber slide mount these units can become sticky.