Billet Turn Signal, Door Pin, and Steering Lever Installation Guide

This Mustang Parts Installation Guide Works For

Modern Billet Polished Billet Turn Signal Cover (94-04 All)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

Installation Time: 5 Mins


  • Billet Turn Signal Cover Installation Instructions
    1. Simply take the Billet Turn Signal Cover and slide it overtop of your stock plastic selector switch.
    2. Position the set screw so that you can access it with your allen key.
    3. Tighten until the turn signal cover is firmly held in place.
  • Billet Door Pin Installation Instructions
    1. This is also a fairly simple installation. Simply take your stock door pins and unscrew them.
    2. Once unscrewed and removed, take your new pins and screw them into place.
    3. Make sure that you give the pin enough room to move all the way down into the lock position, or else your doors might stay unlocked and leave your car open to being stolen.
  • Billet Tilt Steering Lever Installation
    1. Simply unscrew your stock tilt steering lever, and then screw in your new Billet lever.
Now sit back and gaze at your wonderful customization and watch the faces of your friends as they look at your interior with envious eyes.