How to install a BMR Rear Tunnel Brace w/ Safety Loop on your 2005-2012 Mustang

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Tools Required

Installation Time: (approx) 2 Hours


  1. Lift vehicle and support with stands under the frame rails.
  2. Using a 13mm ratchet, remove the 4 nuts and 2 bolts that retain the rubber deflectors and remove deflectors.
  3. Using the same socket, remove the factory tubular tunnel brace located directly forward of the rubber deflectors.
  4. It is necessary to lower the exhaust in order to install the BMR tunnel brace. The exhaust does not need to be removed. Loosen the four (2 per side) 15mm bolts on the center of the exhaust.
  5. Support the transmission with a hydraulic jack and then loosen all 4 transmission cross-member bolts. Lower the transmission cross-member until the exhaust is low enough to insert the BMR tunnel brace.
  6. Once the brace is in place, center it and tighten all bolts/nuts to 20 ft/lbs.
  7. If you are installing the cross-brace only, proceed to step 10 below. If you are installing the driveshaft loop, loop it over the shaft by positioning it over the small portion of the shaft.
  8. Once it is straddling the driveshaft, bolt it down to the tunnel brace using the supplied nuts and bolts.
  9. Center the loop to provided the best all-around clearance possible and tighten with a 9/16 wrench and socket.
  10. Lift transmission and re-install the four mounting bolts. Torque to 55 ft/lbs.
  11. Tighten the exhaust clamp bolts.
  12. Lower vehicle.

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