Mustang Cobra Grille Emblem With Bracket Installation Guide ('94-'04)

This Mustang Parts Installation Guide Works For


Tools Required

  • Torx Screwdriver (T25 Torx Bit)
Installation Time: 5 Mins



  • Remove the stock emblem from the car:
    1. Remove the 2 torx screws, located on the top of the factory emblem (be sure to set these aside for later use).
    2. Once you have removed the screws pull the emblem in an upward direction to remove it from its slot.


  • Installing the cobra emblem:
    1. Line up the holes on the new Cobra emblem to the original holes you just removed the screws from.
    2. Screw in the 2 original torx screws.


Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer by Frank McKeever.

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