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Customer Support
Certifications: Student at Universal Technical Institute - Automotive/Diesel & Ford Fact Program

Got into cars when I was young. Always was into the Mustangs because of the movie 'Gone in 60 Seconds' with the 1967 Shelby GT500 Fast back when I was growing up. I am currently attending Universal Technical Institute for Automotive/Diesel and Ford Fact program. I just started working at American Muscle in September '11 and Iím loving it so far.

What got me into Fox Body Mustangs was the ease in which one can be obtained. There are tons of them out there, theyíre extremely light, relatively inexpensive, make great drag cars and there is a huge aftermarket following, so itís real easy to find parts. Fox body mustangs in my opinion are some one of the easiest vehicles to work on and the most bang for your buck. So for someone like me - very young and with no money - it was a perfect buy.

I started out working on my dadís 1982 T top Mustang GT. Itís a 65mm turbo charged 306 with a 4 barrel double pumper blow threw carburetor. Itís one of the only Turbo Charged blow threw Carbureted 82 mustangs out there. It produces about 15 psi of boost. The horse power is unknown due to the fact that no speed shop or dyno shop wants to touch the car because they have never really seen one like it before! Iíve learned a lot about early Fox body Mustangs from this car. I also work on a lot of old Chevrolet vehicles with my neighbor. He owns an all original Ď58 Convertible Corvette, an all-original fully loaded Ď74 Corvette 454 Stingray, and a Ď55 Chevy Bell air. I do a lot of the detailing and small engine work on these beautiful cars. Itís a lot of fun.

About Duncan's mustang

Duncan's Blue '87 LX Convertible

My car is a 4 cylinder to 8 cylinder swap. Went from a 2.3 liter to a 5.0. Started out as my second car after I destroyed my 1990 Toyota Celica from off-roading and jumping. Picked the car up for $1,000 and it sat in the garage for a couple months until I had enough money to even think about what to do with it. Worked my butt off to get some money for the motor. Picked up and rebuilt an Ď89 5.0 EFI engine. Threw that motor in with guess work and some research. It ended up running pretty well. The one thing that was very difficult with the car was the EFI set up. The running of the vacuum lines and getting the computer to run just right with the mass air sensors and oxygen sensors. I still have trouble with that to this day. On a good note though, she pulls pretty hard on the highway and is relatively quick. Very happy with the outcome of the 4 to 8 swap relative to how hard they can be. Doing the swap has taught me more than I could have ever imagined about Fox body mustangs and the 5.0 motor.


Wheels & Tire Package
  • 17" Aluminum rims
  • Front Tires: 225
  • Rear Tires: 245
  • Styling Upgrades
  • Cobra 2 step cowl induction hood
  • Functional hood pin set
  • Cloth Flofit seats with functional air controlled lumbar support
  • 3 inch stainless steel Exhaust tips
  • One piece headlights
  • Performance Upgrades
  • BBK Shorty Headers
  • 70mm Throttle body
  • Full custom 2.5" H pipe exhaust
  • Super 40's series Flowmaster Mufflers
  • BBK Factory Intake Manifold Phenolic Spacer Kit
  • Smog pump delete
  • Cold air intake
  • Full Hurt Short Throw Shifter
  • MSD TFI Performance Coil
  • Stack Racing Cold Air Intake Filter
  • A/C Delete
  • Magnaflow High Flow Cats
  • Future Modifications
  • 302 bored to a 306
  • Forged crank, forged pistons and all aluminum ported trick flow heads, 11 to 1 compression, 60LBS injectors with a ported gt40 upper and lower intake
  • Full suspension upgrade