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Fixing a Fox Body Mustang's Rear Suspension

Written By: Connor MC

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No matter if your car is being used for the track, drag strip or as a daily driver, there are key flaws in the stock suspension of a Foxbody Mustang that will rob you of performance and comfort. Replace your out-of-date suspension with premium aftermarket parts from AmericanMuscle.

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The only thing older than the Fox Body itself is the solid rear axle design. Luckily, there's a big aftermarket to help that ancient suspension hit the curves with more zeal.

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Mustang OEM & Street Performance Upgrades

Many Foxbody owners are just looking to upgrade their stock components with some of better quality to improve ride comfort. Replacing the stock shock absorbers, coil springs, and quad-shocks (if equipped) can procure a mountain of difference. Increased comfort, safety, and even performance gains will be noticed when swapping the old parts out of your Mustang for a modern equivalent.

1993 Fox Body Convertible Awaiting Suspension Parts

Fox Body Stock Replacement Shock Absorbers

Standard OE: If you’re looking for budget parts to cure the old shock ailments, consider the KYB GR-2 series. The GR-2 series is a very inexpensive way to restore ride quality to the back end of the vehicle. They are a direct, hassle free OE-spec replacement shock absorber.

  • When replacing shocks, you can choose between restoring the factory ride quality, or upgrading to a mild or high performance oriented shock
  • Generally a bit stiffer than stock shock absorbers, those that offer a mild increase in performance are great for Mustangs that see both the track and daily driving action
  • High performance shocks are noticeably stiffer than stock, but give you the best in terms of performance and handling. They are also adjustable and allow you to customize them for your particular use
KYB GR-2 Shock Installed
KYB GR-2 Shock

Foxbody Mild Performance Shocks

If you’re seeking a better turning Pony but enjoy retaining both kidneys, look no further than Tokico HP ("blue") series or Lakewood 50/50 rear shock absorbers. The Tokicos are a highly popular choice for enthusiasts looking for mild street performance. Lakewood too is renowned for their Mustang parts. Both will increase vehicle traction as well as weight and power transfer. Expect the ride to be a little stiffer than standard absorbers but by no means at all uncomfortable. In fact, a gain in comfort should be noticeable!

Tokico HP Shock Absorber
Tokico HP Series Shock

High Performance Foxbody Shocks

God gave us two kidneys for a reason. One to keep for regular body functionality, the other to pawn off in a trade for some serious go-fast parts. If you really want your Mustang to turn, accelerate, and stop to the best of its ability all while keeping your spine in one piece, enter QA1 and Bilstein - both indisputable suspension component champions. Both companies offer a high-performance adjustable rear shock absorber to really wring out every last ounce of performance to be had from the stock suspension geometry. Both the HD (Bilstein) and QA1 components boast full adjustability, allowing you as the driver to modify the absorber response and handling to your liking. Furthermore, like the others, they require no modification to install. Watch out fellas, the big boys are out to play.

QA1 Adjustable Rear Shock
QA1 Shock Absorber

Mustang Coil Springs/Lowering Springs

The second player in the solid-rear game are coil springs. Unlike shock absorbers, there aren’t too many differences between springs. For the shock absorbers listed above, a stock MOOG coil spring will definitely do the trick. Just make sure you pick the one to match your car. Different style Foxes (coupe, hatchback) used springs with different rates and capacities due to weight and distribution differences amongst the different body styles.

Ford Racing Mustang Lowering Springs

Your Mustang's Quad Shocks

The final element of the rear suspension to be addressed are the quad-shocks. First off, what are they? Well, in 1984, Ford introduced the quad-shock, a horizontally-orientated shock absorber connected at one end to the upper frame and at the other end to the main shock absorber bracket. The purpose of it was to control wheel hop which is most prominent under hard acceleration (wheel hop is actually the wheel/axle system bouncing up and down very quickly due to torsional forces from a hard launch. Imagine driving over continuous rail-road crossings.). Replacing the worn quad shocks are a good preventative measure that wheel hop will always remain under control. Wheel hop gone bad (the next hit series alongside ‘girls gone wild’) can result in severe damage to the rear end of the car. The number one benefit of new quad shocks will be increased traction. KYB and Bilstein both offer replacement quad shocks.

Bilstein Fox Body Quad Shock
Bilstein Quad Shock

Final Thoughts

An aftermarket rear control arm system can really do wonders to improve and upgrade your Foxbody’s ride and handling performance. Straight line launches will experience better power transfer, hard cornering will maintain grip and better contact with the road, all while the pieces under load will swing smoothly without restriction. Add in a coil over kit and the Foxbody Mustang will be at its peak performance, handling wise. It is impossible to take a live rear axle and have it operate like a modern independent suspension system. However, a good combination of control arms and coil overs will yield the closest thing possible to a modern IRS and maximizing the Fox’s ability to plant the rear tires in all driving conditions.

AJE Racing Mustang Control Arms
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