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When I retired after working for the city of Philadelphia and Septa I decided it was time to relive my earlier years and buy a real muscle car. (I also took on this job at AmericanMuscle for fun - I love the car and the community and belong to several clubs.)

The first time I took the '11 GT out I could not believe the power and response, it was just unreal. I actually scared myself a bit the first time I put my foot down. It also has more room in the interior and the car rides much smoother and handles better than my '09 GT. Ford did a great job on this version of the Mustang. In fact we are considering buying another one and possibly selling my Red 09 which is a 40 trophy winner in various shows. For me to even think about getting rid of “red” you can imagine how much I really love this car. With all these new parts from AM at my fingertips, who knows what direction I will take the car next.

About Gerry's mustang

Gerry's White '11 California Special GT

The power of the car is unbelievable! Some of my favorite mods so far are the powder coated stock wheels and the Bama tune on the car. The Bama tune made a huge difference! I couldn’t believe that the car could be that much faster with a tune. Soon I plan on adding some exhaust parts and a hood scoop. I am excited for some of my future modifications and future shows.
Awards & recognition
  • Top 10 Award Road Runners Car Club Show

    Styling Upgrades
  • Quarter Window louvers
  • Engine Chrome cap set
  • Center console GT engraved cup holder chromed
  • Engine Accent Kit
  • Door Locks pin kit
  • Chrome Strut Tower Kit
  • Head Light switch cover
  • Chrome Fuse Box cover
  • Door Lock switches
  • Performance Upgrades
  • SCT Tuner with Bama Performance Tunes
  • Gt 500 Axle back exhaust
  • Future Modifications
  • Hood Scoop