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Jeff Oxford White '00 GT

This Mustang, Annabelle, is actually my 2nd Mustang. My parents totaled my first one (a 2000 White V6) while on their way to pick up dinner while I was down in South Carolina for college… Luckily, our insurance gave us almost 2x what we had paid for the V6, allowing me to purchase the 2000 GT that you see pictured. I’ll be sure to add on the modifications soon! Right now she is boding Flowmasters and some extremely cool underglow.

The Lowdown

Dyno Numbers

260 HP & 302 ft-lbs

Wheels & Tire Package
  • Stock Front & Rear Wheels
  • Front Tires: BFG Raptors
  • Rear Tires: Hankook
Styling Upgrades
  • Blue Street Glow Underglow
Performance Upgrades
Future Upgrades



I've loved Mustangs for as long as I can remember. My dad was a Camaro guy growing up, but his first work truck was a Ford, and we've been a Ford-only family ever since. My dad is a sheet metal worker/mechanic, so everything I know about my car I learned from my dad. Or at least every part that has broken, cracked, squeaked or rattled I know all about! Mustangs have had a pretty huge influence on my life – even my marriage! Ask me about our first date and you’ll hear all about my misdemeanor for doing donuts in what I thought was an empty lot around 1:00AM! But she went on a 2nd date, so it must have worked. While in college, I was frequently advised by my art professors to do fewer projects revolving around Mustangs, as they said the likelihood that I’d ever be working with them was slim. Ha! Working at AM is truly my dream job.