How to Install a Front Bumper Cover - Unpainted on Your 1999-2004 Mustang GT & Mach 1

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Front Bumper Cover - Unpainted (99-04 GT, Mach 1)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

  • Offset Phillips screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • 5/16” socket
  • 7/16” wrench
  • Fastener removal tool
  • Floor jack
  • (2) jack stands
  • Blanket or drop cloth
  • A helper (optional)
Installation Time: 3 Hours


Removal of stock bumper:
  1. Raise and secure hood with hood prop. Remove negative battery lead using a 5/16” socket and move lead away from battery.
  2. Raise and secure the front of your car onto jack stands. Be sure the rear wheels are chocked, the emergency brake is on and transmission is in gear (for automatic transmissions - park).
  3. Begin by removing headlights. Remove (2) pins on back side of each headlight by lifting straight up.
  4. Front bumper cover - 02
  5. Once pins are removed, tug on headlights to pop them out of place. This may take some coaxing. Once headlight has popped loose, disconnect the corner signal light and the headlight connector.
  6. Front bumper cover - 03
  7. Put blanket or drop cloth under front bumper.
  8. Remove (2) plastic fasteners connecting the grill using fastener removal tool.
  9. Front bumper cover - 04
  10. Remove (2) plastic fasteners from under the front bumper, securing front bumper to radiator support using fastener removal tool. Also while under the car, remove both fog light connections.
  11. Front bumper cover - 05
  12. Using the offset Phillips screwdriver, remove (1) screw on each side of the car retaining the plastic fender-well to the front bumper.
  13. Front bumper cover - 06
  14. Lying under the front of the car, look up into the front bumper (left and right sides) for the final (4) nuts holding the front bumper in place on the front quarter panel. Once located, use a 7/16” wrench to remove the (2) nuts from each side.
  15. Front bumper cover - 07
  16. Remove front bumper from car. (An extra set of hands in useful in this step). When removing the bumper, be sure to pull on each side of bumper, allowing studs to clear their holes for a smooth removal.
Front bumper cover - 08Installation of new bumper:
  1. Begin by lifting the bumper onto the front of the car. Be sure bumper clears the bumper’s studs and then guide them to their respective holes. Also, be sure to orient the (6) bumper guides (3 on each side) underneath the grill frame. (A helper can be useful in this step). NOTE: Bumper installed with Mach 1 Chin Spoiler as well; not included with front bumper purchase.
  2. Front bumper cover - 09Front bumper cover - 10
  3. Once the front bumper is securely in place on the car, start under the car by reinstalling the (4) 7/16” nuts holding the bumper to front quarter panels (2 on each side).
  4. Also, while under vehicle, re-connect the fog light wires on each side and reinstall the (2) plastic fasteners securing the front bumper to the radiator support.
  5. Front bumper cover - 11
  6. Reinstall (2) screws (1 on each side) holding the fender-well to the front bumper using an offset Phillips screwdriver.
  7. Front bumper cover - 12
  8. Reinstall the (2) plastic fasteners securing the front grill.
  9. Front bumper cover - 13
  10. Re-install both headlight assemblies. Begin by plugging in the headlight connection and turn signal connection. Then to put headlight back in place, line their studs up with their holes and give each headlight assembly a firm push to set the studs. Then press the (4) retaining pins back into their positions (2 on each side).
  11. Front bumper cover - 14
  12. Carefully raise vehicle off jack stands and then lower car back to ground slowly.
  13. Re-connect the negative battery cable using 5/16” socket.
Finished Product!!
Front bumper cover - 15

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer John Collmann 11.3.11