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April 4th, 2014 - Malvern, PA

What Is Mustang Mayhem?

This year for Mustang Mayhem: GT500 vs. Coyote, we're bringing you an epic battle of the baddest 5.0's and Shelby GT500's. We're looking for (8) Mustangs to compete. (4) high-powered Coyote's vs. (4) bolt-on Shelby's to see which team can lay down the most power on our Dynojet 224xLC! If your Mustang puts down 500+ Horsepower at the tires, join us for this crazy event. These two teams will go head-to-head to see who brings home the trophy for the most combined horsepower! If you want to show the Mustang world how nasty your combo really is, then we’ll see you on April 4th…

If you got a chance to check out last year’s event, you know that the Mayhem will go down at our headquarters in Malvern, PA. Everyone in the competition will be taking home a $75 gift card for participating. We’re hooking up each member of the winning team with a $150 gift card to AmericanMuscle. Food and drinks will be available throughout the day while you get the chance to see some of the most powerful Coyote’s and Shelby’s in the area. Each contestant is going to leave with some free AM gear. Enter your car and come hang out with the AM and Bama crew all day!

What Is Mustang Mayhem?

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