How to Install Radiator Cover - Pre-painted on Your 2005-2009 Mustang GT or V6

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Tools Required

Installation Time: 30 Min


Step 1

Open the hood and remove the 6 clips that are holding the factory cover to the support. A set of small wire cutters should be enough to get under the clips and remove them.

Painted Radiator Center Cover (05-09 Mustang) - 02Painted Radiator Center Cover (05-09 Mustang) - 03

Step 2

Once the factory cover is removed, place the new painted cover over the support and replace the 6 clips you removed in Step 1. Put the lower half of the clip into the hole, then press down firmly on the upper part to fully seat them. This completes the installation of your Painted Radiator Cover from American Muscle.

Painted Radiator Center Cover (05-09 Mustang) - 04Painted Radiator Center Cover (05-09 Mustang) - 05

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