1998 Black Mustang GT Convertible - Tom '98

1998 mustang black convertible
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Tom N/A 1998 Black Mustang GT Convertile

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Rims: Stock
Tires: Stock
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  • 5% window tints
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Car Bio
In December 2005 I bought a 1998 6cylinder Mustang (you can see it in one of the pictures, actually) and enjoyed it a lot. However, being a car guy I was not at all satisfied with the 6 cylinder automatic combination. My Dad had owned a '96 GT Vert a few years before this and I loved it. So i convinced my parents to let me sell the 6 cylinder and buy a GT. My specs were specific: No 6's, no automatics. Convertible optional, 5.0 engine preferred. Throughout a 3 month period I checked out a few 94/95 5.0 GTs and was disappointed. The majority of them had ratty destroyed interiors, extremely high mileage, electrical problems, and price problems (was looking to spend no more than $6500.) Finally after a few months of searching I ran across a triple black '98 GT vert on eBay. I e-mailed the guy and asked him if he would take $6500 for it. He said yes, I checked the car out with my Dad, and gave the guy a $200 deposit. Fortunately, I got to the car 2 hours before someone e lse did. Although I had been looking for a 5.0 because I loved the power, sound, and mod-ability of it, I was very satisfied buying a 4.6. I commute to school everyday and since getting the car in Sept '06 (currently Dec. '06) I've put about 7,000 miles on the car. Right now It has about 113,500 miles on it and the car is in amazing condition. I have a lot of plans for the car in terms of performance and making it a decent "sleeper" (used in a loose sense.) Most of the plans call for simple little improvements, but I do have one or two wild ideas (PI head swap, or even waiting a year or so and doing an engine swap for a '98 Cobra engine [!!]). I've been raised to know that nothing is better than a V8 and a manual transmission, and my father my brother and myself are all actually Mopar guys. However Mopar doesn't make a RWD V8 with a manual that a 19 year old can afford, and I'm not a fan of Camaros/Firebirds. Hope you guys enjoyed my "story" and my ride!


1998 mustang black convertible1998 mustang black convertible