2015 Mustang Shift Knobs

The Ford Mustang is one, if not the most customizable vehicles on the market. 2015 Mustang Shift Knobs are a simple and great way to add your own personal touch to your S550. Shift knobs not only look cool, but they also add comfort by changing your driving style and configuration. An aftermarket shift knob becomes the icing on the cake when installed with a Mustang Short-Throw Shifter by adding style and function to your driving experience. The 2015 Mustang is a powerful car in all three trims, GT V6 and EcoBoost, but even the power numbers these Mustangs put out from the factory can begin to feel a bit unexciting. Instantly up the excitement by installing a more aggressive set of 2015 Mustang rear gears. Not only will you hit the meat of your RPM band earlier, creating a quicker time from point A to B, you may also see an increase in horsepower when driving around town.