2015 Mustang Wheels

With past generations of the Ford Mustang, having a set of custom or aftermarket wheels was a way of making a statement--a way of telling others that you're someone who cares about their ride, you're a car guy. The 2015 Mustang is no different. Swapping your Mustang's wheels for a more unique set of rims is the utmost way to style a Mustang. Enthusiasts have been doing it since the first Mustangs rolled off the assembly line and will still be matching wheels to other exterior styling parts 50 years from now. It's a passion, and one that a new set of 2015 Mustang wheels will certainly fulfill for the novice modder and hard-core gear-heads alike.

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    Delivery of the next generation pony car is right around the corner and aftermarket manufacturers are already in full swing building parts for the 2015 Mustang. Forgestar has already stepped up to the challenge and designed their ever popular F14 style wheels to the 2015 Mustang's specific offset. And while others won't be able to order their wheels until late this year, Forgestar is offering to give the first set off their production line to one lucky 2015 Mustang owner.

    Forgestar has laid out some details about their upcoming F14 wheels as well as the rest of their lineup for 2015:

    What are the differences between the 2014 and 2015 Mustang wheels?

    Ford has changed the wheel offset in both the front and rear of the 2015 Mustang, this means Forgestar had to go back to the drawing board and completely redesign the F14 wheel to properly fit the 2015s. You're getting a perfectly fitting rim with the same great style offered for the previous Mustang generations.

    Color Options:

    Piano Black


    Matte Black


    When can I buy a set of F14s and what will they cost?

    Forgestar F14s will be available shortly after the 2015 Mustang hits dealer lots and will be priced at $399.99 each.

    How did Forgestar go about creating their wheels for the 2015

    Early on, before anyone outside of Ford had their hands on a 2015 Mustang, Forgestar attended an invite-only event and gathered the measurements needed to develop their wheels for the next-gen Mustang.