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Guide to Modifying Your 2011-2014 V6 Mustang’s Exhaust

Written By: Glenn Cope II

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Choosing a new exhaust setup will give you added power and a more muscular exhaust note. If more power and a meaner sounding Mustang is what you are looking for, browse our various exhaust mods to find a setup that works for you.

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Owners of the 3.7L V6 Mustangs usually replace the stock exhaust as the first modification. It changes the personality and performance of your car like no other mod will.

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Consider 2 Factors: Your Mustang's Sound & Performance

Are you going for a more enjoyable sound alone, or for sound and a jump in performance? This is a preliminary choice you must make before diving into modding pieces of your Mustang's exhaust, as there are several parts that make up your Mustang’s exhaust system. Each part of this system can usually be replaced individually and each part of the exhaust system also holds unique sound and performance characteristics.

  • Mufflers are engineered around sound; choose a design you like
  • Different style mid-pipes have their own performance gains
  • Street Mustang or Track Star? Real catalytic converters or straight throughs?
  • Headers provide the biggest horsepower gains out of any exhaust component
2011-2014 V6 Mustang Mid-Muffler Cat-Back Exhaust
Mid-Muffler Cat-Back Exhaust

2011-2014 V6 Axle-Backs

The dual flow exhaust system on 3.7L Mustangs is comprised of five parts. First from the rear you have the mufflers, commonly referred to the axle-back portion because they attach to the pipes near the rear axle. The mufflers are responsible for the vast majority of the sound changes over the stock exhaust system and should be the first component you replace if achieving a better sound is your ultimate goal.

2011-2014 V6 Mustang Axle-Back Exhaust System
Axle-Back Exhaust

V6 Exhaust Mid-Pipes Explained

Next is the mid-pipe on your V6 Mustang. These are the least remarkable part of the system. Attached from there is the X-pipe. The X-pipe is the only crossover between the two sides of the exhaust system. You can also choose an H-shaped mid-pipe that will yield similar gains to an X-pipe but produce a different sound. Without going into much detail on the various types of mid-pipes, it is valuable to note they will also help with performance.

2011-2014 V6 Mustang Off-Road X-Pipe
Off-Road X-Pipe

Your Mustang's Catalytic Converters

Then you have a choice of catalytic converters or straight-through pipes. Many people choose the cats for street driven Mustangs. This way, you can still pass emissions tests and also be street legal. The last section of the exhaust system are the headers.

Stock Versus Aftermarket Mustang V6 Catalytic Converter
Stock Pipe Versus Aftermarket Catted X-Pipe

Headers and the 2011-2014 V6 Mustang

If you are a bit more concerned with your horsepower gains then understand that the greatest HP gains will come from the headers. The x-pipe and mufflers are only good for 5-10 HP at most on the 3.7L Mustangs. A full exhaust system on a naturally aspirated 3.7L Mustang will yield around 15-20 rear wheel HP while on a forced induction application those number would be around 20 to 30 rear wheel HP.

2011-2017 Mustang V6 Shorty Tuned Length Ceramic Headers
Ceramic Shorty Headers

How to Modify Your Exhaust Sound

If you are primarily interested in a louder sound then your journey is just starting. A good place to start is by searching different exhaust combos and listening to exhaust sound clips provided on each page. You can also try to find other 3.7L Mustangs at car shows, and Mustang club meets. This can take a bit of time to research properly. Some systems are very loud and some are milder, yet may have a noticeable highway drone.

Can I Install These Exhaust Parts on my Mustang?

Most manufactures make the individual components bolt directly to the factory system units. Some make the full exhaust system larger all the way through so it will not choke down at the connection points. All of the exhaust components are fairly easy to install. While it would be good to have a lift some people have put them on in their garage. Whatever direction you choose, installing a more free flowing exhaust system on your Mustang will only put a smile on your face and power to the wheels.

2011-2014 Mustang on a Lift
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