Project MMD

2013 MMD Project
  • Project MMD - Episode 1

    Project MMD - Episode 1 MMD's New 2014 Mustang GT Kicks-Off with an Unexpected Overhaul!

    You can't show up at the largest aftermarket automotive parts show in the country with a stock-looking Mustang. In this Episode, we crank up the exterior of our 2014 GT and get it looking like the beast we're about to transform it into!

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  • Project MMD - Episode 2

    Project Foxbody Stage 2 We Add Some More Flavor to this 2014 Mustang with the help of MMD!

    In Episode 2, it was MMD's turn to step up to the plate and use their catalog of styling parts to get Project MMD looking right for the SEMA show. With them in charge of the "show" and AmericanMuscle in charge of the "go", Episode 3 (live from SEMA) should be interesting...

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  • Project MMD - Episode 3

    Project MMD Episode 3 MMD and AmericanMuscle Add Big Power in the Las Vegas-Style Reveal!

    For the final Episode of MMD's 2014 Mustang GT, we took the reins to crank up the horsepower and torque in a big way! With the SEMA Show in Las Vegas as our goal, we headed across the country to bring the 3rd and final Episode to the largest aftermarket auto show in history.

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