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Ford Racing 3.73 Gears (10-14 GT)

53 Reviews
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  • Ford Racing Quality
  • Strong Forged Construction
  • 3.73 Gear Ratio
  • 8.8" Ring Gear Diameter
  • For Street or Track Use
  • Fits 2010-2014 GT and 2010-2014 GT500 Mustangs
Improve ET's and low end torque. Are you looking to get more low end grunt off the line and lower ET's at the same time? Then look no further than installing a set of steeper gears in your Pony. Ford Racing Ring and Pinion Gears are perfect for street, road, or race use.

Superior Quality. These Ford Racing 3.73 Mustang ring and pinion gears feature a super strong forged construction, CNC cut & lapped gear teeth, and a black oxide finish to resist corrosion.

Application. This Ford Racing Ring and Pinion Gear set will fit 11-14 Mustang GTs and 11-12 Shelby GT500s. A master bearing kit is recommended by most installers, especially on high mileage vehicles, see drop down option above.

Attention 2010 and newer Mustang Owners. Starting in 2010 Ford changed the inner rear gear pinion bearing in all 8.8" equipped Mustangs. Because of this you will require a new 8.8" rear gear pinion bearing (Ford part# 9L3Z-4630-A) for proper installation, please see drop down option above.

Technical Note. Installation costs will vary, but a good rule of thumb is between $250 and $300. Be sure to work with a reliable shop that you trust for installations. You can also save money on your installation labor by having your Trac-Lok rebuilt at the same time as your gears are installed, see drop down option above.

Fitment: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Details

What's in the Box
  • (1) Ring gear
  • (1) Pinion gear
Installation Info
Tech Specs

Approximate RPM for 2011+ GT

Gear @25 MPH @35 MPH @45 MPH @55 MPH @65 MPH @75 MPH
1 4210 5894        
2 2795 3913 5031 6149    
3 1944 2722 3499 4277 5054 5832
4 1518 2126 2733 3340 3948 4555
5 1150 1610 2070 2531 2991 3451
6 748 1047 1346 1645 1944 2243

Gear @25 MPH @35 MPH @45 MPH @55 MPH @65 MPH @75 MPH
1 4798 6717        
2 2692 3768 4845 5922 6998  
3 1750 2449 3149 3849 4549 5249
4 1315 1841 2367 2892 3418 3944
5 997 1396 1795 2194 2593 2992
6 795 1113 1431 1749 2067 2384
Will it fit my Mustang?
  • Boss 302 - 12, 13
  • GT - 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • GT500 - 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Most Helpful Reviews


I raced a mustang with 4.10\'s with the 3.73\'s and let me tell you that these gears PULL. period.

Helpful (2)


I recomended. It is a good combination between 3.73 gear and the new generation 5.0 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmision.

Helpful (7)

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Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars

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8 Questions / 6 Answers

Ask a Question

What gears are better for my 2012 GT automatic? Do not know which gears to get for my car,3.73 or 4.10


  • For both automatic and manual transmissions, we recommend the 4.10 gears for the 6-speed Mustangs! However, you can't go wrong with either gear set to be perfectly honest! There is very minimal difference in MPG loss between the 3.73 and 4.10 and the 4.10s will get you going faster, faster! As many people say, don't fear the gear!


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Show 1 more answer Question Resolved

Highway mpg diff between 3.55 and 3.73 in 10' gt manual. i do a lot of highway driving and want to upgrade my gears. I would like to put the 3.73. But if the mpg is a big difference between them and the 3.55. then i may have to go with the 3.55


  • I had a 09gt with 4.10s not good for 5 speed. 3.73 will do perfect! It will pull real nice


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Show 2 more answers Question Resolved

What is included in the install kit? If I'll get the gears installed professionally, do I only need to order the Gears and the 8.8 bearing?


  • yes, the kit only contains the gears you'll need the pinion bearing/seal separate


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Customer Reviews (53) Write a Review

Overall Rating 4.9

out of 5 stars

  • 5/5

    March 02, 2009


    I raced a mustang with 4.10\'s with the 3.73\'s and let me tell you that these gears PULL. period.


    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    January 27, 2012


    I recomended. It is a good combination between 3.73 gear and the new generation 5.0 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmision.


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Street / Strip 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Lajas, Puerto Rico

    Helpful (7) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Full Day

    April 23, 2013

    Now I feel the car is awake

    So my 2013 GT GB Premium came with the bone stock 3.31 LS Gear ratio of 3.31. Tis ok for hwy, fuel economy driving, but fuel economy and MUSTANG should not be in the same sentence. So one of the first mods I did was yank the 3.31s and ordered these beasts. No the experienced modders will tell ya 4.10s are the way to go, but if you're not use to a car with a lot of grab and hook up, it is best to go from 3.31s to 3.73s. If you want to save some money on gas you could go for 3.55s, respectable gear, but for those of us who want to unleash the beast under the hood... Well, the 3.73 is a great gear for the track and just normal day to day driving. Gear install is about a day, even for the hard core mechanic. It is FORD PART some Ford Racing warranties the item. If you have a new car like I do the rebuild kit is not needed, but if you're doing the switch on a car with 40k+ on the odometer get the rebuild kit and use it. With these gears and a BAMA Performance tune you will feel like you are in a brand new car. Make sure you do use Friction modifier when mixing in the Gear Oil. Also of note, you will need at tuner to reset the axle ratio in the vehicle. No more little speedo gears to change it is all based on a tune. Worth every penny. Cost os parts and install will run you about $600.00 (the $200-$300 price AM feels it should cost must be someone charging $50 labor. Figure the install to be between $375 and $475.


    Year: 2013 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 10+ Philly

    Helpful (6) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Shop Install

    Installation Cost: $500-$1000

    November 23, 2012

    Ford Racing 3.73 gears

    Sure you can get a cold air intake,tuner and throttle body but the biggest seat of the pants gain you will get will come from gears. My '12 GT came with 3.31's from the factory which are good for gas mileage but swapping them out for 3.73's made a huge difference! To me,3.73's are the perfect mix for decent gas mileage and all out performance. The car isin't screaming down the highway either. I would definitely recomend this to anyone with 3.31's that are looking for a relatively affordable performance mod.


    Year: 2012 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Severn, MD, USA

    Helpful (5) (0)

  • 5/5

    August 05, 2011

    So far so good

    These gears have made my car wake up. I changed over from 3.31 to 3.73 and I can tell there is a pretty big difference. I did other mods at the same time so still waiting to tell what it did to the MPG.


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver

    Helpful (3) (0)

  • 4/5

    Installation Time: Shop Install

    Installation Cost: $250-$500

    April 14, 2013

    They Help

    They aren't bad def. Make a differance on 60foot times. I was hoping for a little more oomph from them but, again there are noticeable gains. The car doesn't seem to struggle as much off the line and climbs through the gears faster. I lost 5mpgs on the highway but gained about 3 in the city, now I get about 21mpg be it highway or city driving.would I recommend yes, if just for the track 4.10s if u daily drive I would say no lower than these to keep some effeciancy.


    Year: 2010 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 1 TEXAS USA

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Shop Install

    Installation Cost: $250-$500

    December 14, 2012


    Best gears for coyote mustang, if you plan a supercharger for the future. Pulls hard! 4.10 recommended for non supercharged mustangs for top end power!


    Year: 2012 Model: GT Driving Style: Street / Strip 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Rowland heights, California

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    May 28, 2010

    3.73 2008 GT

    What gear do I get? That is the question burning through your mind, dear reader. I have not had a 4.10 in my car but putting in the 3.73 is with out a doubt a perfect match! The car is tighter on the pick up and it goes like stink! When you want it to be tame it will do that too. RPM increase at 60 mph is only about 200 RPM. Very little loss for a very big gain! I had mine installed by a good mechanic and that ran me a little over $300. A perfectly balanced gear.

    Douglas Kirk

    Year: 2008 Model: GT

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    February 02, 2010


    been about 500 miles since i got mine installed and it's great. i went ahead and bought the trac loc and bearing kit along with the royal purple gear oil and what a difference. all gears pull harder, especially 3rd!!!

    david monroe

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    December 10, 2009


    talk about giving ur stang some MPH in a hurry i feel the diff it made when i drive it love it


    Helpful (2) (0)

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