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Nitrous Express Coyote Nitrous Kit - Plate System (11-14 GT)

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  • Gain Up to 150HP
  • Phase 3 Next Generation Plate System
  • Throttle Position Activated
  • Works with Stock Fuel Rails
  • Includes 35 to 150 HP Jets
  • Fits 2011-2014 GT Mustangs
Gain Up to 150 HP. Quickly and afford-ably add up to a mind-blowing 150 rear wheel horsepower to your 5.0 "Coyote" powered GT Mustang. Get the power you need to walk even modded cars at the strip with this easy to install, reliable nitrous kit. This "wet" nitrous nozzle system includes jets that add from 35 to 150 wheel horsepower and everything else you need to take your Mustang over the 550 horsepower mark.

Full Throttle Activation. Protect your engine with the built-in safety features of this NX Coyote Nitrous Plate System, including an Autolearn TPS switch that ensures your nitrous activates only at wide open throttle. This switch keeps your nitrous from activating at dangerously low or high RPMs to help prevent engine damage.

"Wet" System for Better Delivery. The NX Nitrous Plate System is a "wet" system that connects directly to your fuel system and mixes your gas and nitrous before injection - creating fuel that burns better, cleaner, and produces more power. Plus, this system includes a direct plug-in fuel line adapter that eliminates the need to tap into your factory fuel lines - making installation simpler and cleaner.

Complete Kit. The NX EFI Plate system includes everything you need to bolt on up to 150 HP and powerful, tire-smoking torque to your Mustang. This kit includes the Phase 3 next generation plate with integrated solenoids, 10lb bottle, and all stainless brackets, mounting hardware, braided stainless N2O lines, switches, and relay harnesses. It also includes a full set of jets including 35, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150 HP sizes for maximum versatility.

Application. This Nitrous Express Nitrous Plate bolts between the throttle body and intake, and is specifically designed for use on the 2011-2014 GT Mustangs equipped with Coyote 5.0L 4V V8 engine.

  • Delivery Style: Throttle body via plate
  • Nitrous System Style: Wet
  • Maximum Advertised Horsepower Increase: 200 (with additional jets), 150 w/included jets
  • Activation: TPS
  • Jet Sizes Included: 35-150 (35, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150)
  • Type: Single Stage
  • Bottle Included: Yes
  • Bottle Capacity: 10 lbs
  • Bottle Material: Aluminum

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Fitment: 2011 2012 2013 2014 Details

What's in the Box
Hardware included:
  • Phase 3 next generation plate w/ integrated solenoids
  • 10lb Bottle
  • Billet Aluminum Lightning 45 bottle valve
  • Stainless bottle brackets
  • Direct plug-in Fuel Line Adapter
  • TPS Autolearn switch
  • Stainless braided N2O line
  • Master arming switch
  • Relay / relay harness
  • Jet pack
  • All necessary hardware
Installation Info
Tech Specs
Nitrous Kit Specifications
Year/Model: 11-12 GT Manufacturer: Nitrous Express
Wet or Dry: Wet Included Jet Sizes: 35-150
Delivery System: Plate Bottle Size Included: 10lbs
Will it fit my Mustang?
  • GT - 11, 12, 13, 14

Most Helpful Reviews

Very simple kit for huge power gain!!

Amazing kit and super easy to install if you are good with wiring and basic hand tools. took a weekend because we didnt want to rush and mess anything up, plus we took the time to cover all wires with ...

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Helpful (7)

Great kit, one flaw....

The kit is great. It has everything needed. The major flaw with the kit is the auto learn TPS switch. It will engage the nitrous well before you're actually at full throttle. This is more to do with the ...

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

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8 Questions / 4 Answers

Ask a Question

Plate diameter? What is the inner diameter of the plate itself? I have a bbk 85mm throttle body and am wondering if the plate with this system is more than 85mm or will it cause a restriction when not in use.

JPGC Year: 2011 Model: GT

  • The mm of the plate is unknown but it doesn't effect performance rather its 80mm, 85mm or 90mm. It will work with any size mm throttle body.

    Mustang2011 Year: 2011 Model: GT

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Answer This Question I need this answered (2) (1)

Tune Do I need a different tune for 50 shot from 100 shot nitrous

JOHNQUINN Year: 2013 Model: GT

  • Yes, sir. Anytime you significantly change air flow, fuel, or spark you're gonna want to get a tune to balance everything out and make the most of your efforts. Your car will be safer and stronger because of it.

    Best Answer

    JimmyV Year: 2002 Model: GT Top 250 Contributor

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Show 1 more answer Question Resolved

Tune Does BAMA SCT sell a tune for 100 shot

JOHNQUINN Year: 2013 Model: GT

  • Bama can write Nitrous Tunes up to 100 shot, yes.

    LisaS Year: 1992 Model: GT

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Question Resolved

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Customer Reviews (6) Write a Review

Overall Rating 4.5

out of 5 stars

Installation Time:Full Day

  • Performance Gain 5 5
  • Fit 4.833333 4.8
  • Bang For Your Buck 4.833333 4.8

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Weekend

    March 15, 2013

    Very simple kit for huge power gain!!

    Amazing kit and super easy to install if you are good with wiring and basic hand tools. took a weekend because we didnt want to rush and mess anything up, plus we took the time to cover all wires with conduit. im currently tuned by jon lund of lund racing with this kit on the 100 shot jets. I absolutely love the power and how it feels!! I have a short video of myself behind the wheel hitting the spray!! Thanks American Muscle!!! in the video i spin past 60mph then hook!!


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 Savannah, GA, USA

    Helpful (7) (1)

  • 4/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    August 25, 2013

    Great kit, one flaw....

    The kit is great. It has everything needed. The major flaw with the kit is the auto learn TPS switch. It will engage the nitrous well before you're actually at full throttle. This is more to do with the computer commanding full throttle opening without that your foot being all the way to the floor. I replaced this switch with an NOS Window Switch and it works much better now. Also, one thing that is misleading (and I had a nice discussion with the AM staff about this) is in the description is states that the TPS switch "Prevents the nitrous from activating at dangerously low or high RPM". It DOES NOT DO THIS. That is a the job of a window switch (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT). The TPS switch that is included has absolutely no control over what RPM the kit is activated. Just be warned. I did put down 527HP and 529 ft/lbs on a 95 degree day in Florida with the 100 HP jets on the dyno. NA I put down 409/362. So the kit put out more than advertised, I'm sure the difference also was because it was so hot outside. Bottle pressure was at the recommended 1050psi that NX recommends.


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 5+ Orlando, FL

    Helpful (2) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Afternoon

    June 01, 2015

    NX Coyote

    Kit was easy to install. Managed not to drill any holes in the car. TPS switch programed on the first try. Took it to the track on a 75 shot. Worked perfectly on the first pass. Switch to 100 shot and posted a pass of 125mph. Would highly recommend this product, cost per hp gain is incredible.


    Year: 2013 Model: Boss Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 5+ Las Vegas, NV

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 4/5

    Installation Time: Weekend

    February 03, 2015

    Liquid Supercharger

    The plate system is the way to go since it's right there at the throttle body and you don't have to drill into your intake like the other systems require. I will state at the top of this review that I had to buy more 18 gauge wire (I bought pure copper speaker wire), an "Add-a-circuit" connector, 1 splice connector, and the pressure gauge that screws directly into the bottle cap. I have to take off at least 1 star for the instructions. The install was a bit of a rough experience for me, the instructions were 9 pages long I believe, but there's only one problem, the instructions are not vehicle specific. So you basically get a long instruction packet telling you what to do, just not how to do it. The first problem I ran into was where to put the master switch and how to power it. I thought it might be easiest to just use a splice connector to tap into the accessory plug in the middle console, but the instructions state that it can not be an "always on" power source, meaning that it still receives power even when the ignition is off. I called Nitrous Express to verify this, and they said the same thing, that an "always on" power source can cause complications. So after a little bit of asking around, the best way to get an "ignition only" power source is through the fuse box under the passenger side dash. You will need to buy an "ADD-A-CIRCUIT" connector from your local auto store which allows you to connect a wire from the fuse box going to the master switch. After messing around with different fuses, the choice that worked for me was fuse number "F33" , which if you look at a fuse diagram online you can see which one that is. Just a heads up, you have to disconnect the negative terminal on the battery first, then plug in the "Add-a-circuit" with the 10 Amp fuse in slot B on the connector (look at the "Add-a-circuit" instructions to see which slot that is), then reconnect the negative terminal again to receive power. I chose fuse number F33 because its not used by anything else to prevent complications. You know you've got the power working when you turn the key to ignition, then flip on the master switch and then the green LED turns on. I put my master switch in the middle console, next to where the audio input jack is. Just plop off that little panel that's in there, or drill into that panel to stick the master switch into it for a professional look. To do the wiring you have to remove the center console completely, which is really easy, just look at the quick video on Youtube on how to do that. After that is out of the way you can route your wire under the stereo from the fuse box. Now that you have power, you have to run another 18 gauge wire from the master switch to the engine bay. I taped the wire to a skinny extension and pushed it through a rubber grommet that was to the left of the clutch pedal that led into the engine bay. There are probably much better locations, it was just the easiest for me to find. That wire connects to the red wire on the TPS sensor by the way. So the next problem I had was finding a location for the TPS sensor and the Master relay switch. On the passenger side, if you look right next to where the tower brace mounts, you'll see grounding wires with bolts holding them in. This is where I put the Master Relay, since it needed to be connected to the battery and the nitrous plate. Everything reaches nicely there. And since its a grounding point, you can also use it to ground both the relay and TPS sensor. Just use the same bolt to hold everything in. Right now I have the TPS sensor just lying behind the fuse box until I find a nice place to mount it to in that area. So another thing I was confused about was how to connect the TPS sensor to the throttle body, because there was no included splice connector. I called Nitrous Express again and they said that they recommend soldering the wire to the throttle body, because some people have had problems with the splice connectors. I didn't have soldering equipment so I ended up using a splice connector anyways, and so far I have had zero problems. Everything from there was a cleaner process, I routed the nitrous line next to the fuel line, and then drilled a hole into the trunk where the spare tire goes. I hope this review helps others out, it would have been nice to have for myself. I know it seems like a lot of work but it really isn't, it's all worth it. I used a Bama for a 100 shot tune and everything works great. All in all, a good kit and I love having power on demand. And of course, there's nothing better than smoking the new Corvette Stingrays.

    Top 500 Contributor


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Daily Driver 'Stangs I have owned: 2 San Antonio, TX

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 4/5

    Installation Time: Full Day

    April 22, 2014

    Nice kit but...

    Kit fits great. However the nitrous line supplied is too short if you want to mount the bottle anywhere but the drivers side trunk. Also if you opt for the "coyote plate purge kit" it's not special in the sense that it's just a universal purge kit.


    Year: 2011 Model: GT Driving Style: Street / Strip 'Stangs I have owned: 3

    Helpful (1) (0)

  • 5/5

    Installation Time: Weekend

    September 20, 2013

    Awesome Product

    Extremely quality product from NX, as always. Easy install and great performance gain. Best bang for the buck by far! Make sure you install it correctly and tune your car properly!


    Year: 2014 Model: GT Driving Style: Street / Strip 'Stangs I have owned: 1 Martinsville, VA, USA

    Helpful (1) (0)

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