MMD Mustang Rear Decklid Panel (05-09) - Installation Instructions

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Tools Required

Basic Hand Tools Required
Installation Time: 30 Mins


  1. Using the supplied alcohol prep pads, thoroughly clean the rear decklid where the adhesive strips from blackout panel will be applied.

    Rear Decklid Panel 0509 1

    Rear Decklid Panel 0509 2

  2. Peel the backing from the adhesive strips on the rear of the blackout panel.

    Rear Decklid Panel 0509 3

  3. Place blackout panel over rear decklid using center pony emblem as a reference point. Make sure that blackout panel is centered and extends evenly to both sides of decklid. Also take care to ensure that corners meet top edge of decklid on both sides and follow contour of factory tail lights.

    Rear Decklid Panel 0509 4

    Rear Decklid Panel 0509 5

    Rear Decklid Panel 0509 6

  4. When blackout panel is properly aligned, firmly press down on adhesive strips to fully seat blackout panel.

    Rear Decklid Panel 0509 7

Installation instructions provided by Manufacturer.