'08-'09 Mustang Bullitt Parts and Specs

2008 - 2009 Bullitt Mustang ('08-'09)
This re-reintroduction of the Bullitt into the Mustang lineup for 2008 and 2009 came on the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Steve McQueen film that spawned this famed Mustang variant.

These new Bullitts got some very fun stuff the Mustang lovers can really appreciate. Now even more of an upgrade over the top-level GT trim level, the Bullitt features 315 ponies under the hood, up from 300 even in 2001. The exhaust has been tuned to mimic the sounds of McQueen's GT390 from the film, and end in 3.5" tips. An open-element air filter, Tremec 5-speed tranny and 3.73:1 live rear axle helps get this Mustang's 0-60 times in at 4.9-5.0, compared to the GT's 5.2-5.3 range.

The interior of the Bullitt got a big update as well, with the biggest changes being Bullitt-style door sills, gauges, steering wheel cap, aluminum dash panel, aluminum shift knob and pedals. The seats and steering wheel wrap take their styling notes from the GT500.

American Muscle is your source for aftermarket 2008-2009 Bullitt Mustang parts. We have what you are looking for to get that edge over the competition. Check out our sections below. We have a great selection of 2008-2009 Bullitt performance parts, accessories, gears, and more. You can make sure that your Bullitt has a great set of wheels or performance upgrades that will keep you ahead of the rest of the Mustang stampede.

2008 & 2009 Mustang Bullitt Parts

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2008-2009 Bullitt Mustang Specs

Engine HP TQ 0-60 1/4 Mile
4.6L 3V SOHC V8 315 HP @ 6000 RPM 325 TQ @ 4250 RPM N/A N/A
Retail Prices
Model Price
2008 Bullitt $34,235
2009 Bullitt $31,685
Production Numbers
Model Quantity
2008 Bullitt 7,700
2009 Bullitt 1,927
VIN Decoder
Code Engine/Body/Options
H 4.6L SOHC V8 300hp
6 Check Digit (varies)
8 Year (8 - 2008)
5 Plant (5 - AAI: Flat Rock, Michigan)
000001 Consecutive Unit Number
1ZV Automotive Alliance International Ford Motor Co. passenger car
F Restraint System (F-Driver/Passenger Air Bags)
H Restraint System (H-Front and Side Air Bags)
Mustang Exterior Colors
Color Code
Dark Highland Green PX
Black UA