1979 Ford Mustang Parts & Performance

1979 Ford Mustang ('79)
Based on the new Fox platform, which had previously been used on vehicles such as the Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr, the 1979 Mustang represented a totally new design and direction for Ford. Other than the long nose and short deck that have always identified the Pony car, the 1979 Mustang was a complete redesign.

The Foxbody was characterized by its larger windows and "greenhouse", in addition to a lower beltline and more aerodynamic overall shape. Despite being slightly larger in every dimension than its predecessor, the Mustang II, the 1979 was actually 200 lbs lighter. Looking for restoration or aftermarket parts for your 79 Mustang? We have what you are looking for, check out our sections below. We have a great selection of performance parts, accessories, upgrades, and mods. We have all of the 79 Mustang parts you are looking for to get your Fox Body back in shape or just keep her looking and feeling great.

1979 Mustang Parts

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1979 Ford Mustang Specs

Engine HP TQ 0-60 1/4 Mile
2.3L 2V 4cyl 88 HP      
2.3L 2V 4cyl (Turbocharged) 132 HP      
2.8L 2V V-6 109 HP      
3.3L 1V 6cyl 85 HP      
5.0L 2V V-8 140 HP      
Retail Prices
Model Price
Standard Coupe $4,494
Standard Coupe, Ghia $5,064
Standard Hatchback $4,828
Standard Hatchback, Ghia $5,216
Production Numbers
Model Quantity
Standard Coupe 156,666
Standard Coupe, Ghia 56,351
Standard Hatchback 120,535
Standard Hatchback, Ghia 36,384
VIN Decoder
Code Engine/Body/Options
9 Last digit of model year
F Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose)
02 Body code (02-2dr Sedan, 03-3dr hatchback, 04-2dr Ghia, 05-3dr Ghia)
Y 2.3L 2V 4cyl 88hp
W 2.3L 2V 4cyl 132hp (Turbocharged)
Z 2.8L 2V V-6 109hp
T 3.3L 1V 6cyl 85hp
F 5.0L 2V V-8 140hp
100001 Consecutive Unit Number
Mustang Exterior Colors
Color Code
Light Medium Blue 3F
Medium Blue Glow 3H
Bright Blue 3J
Dark Jade Metallic 46
Medium Chestnut Metallic 5M
Medium Vaquero Gold 5W
Bright Yellow 64
Light Chamois 83
Tangerine 85
Medium Grey Metallic 1P
Polar White 9D
Mustang Interior Trim Colors
Wedgewood Blue