1982 Ford Mustang Parts & Performance

1982 Ford Mustang ('82)
Both the Cobra and Ghia model Mustangs were cast by the wayside in 1982 to make room for the GLX, which was a GT with a couple more options. The 5.0 made its return as well, after a two-year hiatus.

There were also a number of styling changes, including a more aggressive pair of fog lights, a lowered front-air dam, and a front-facing hood scoop plus new rear spoiler. Performance was ramped up as well, with the addition of a two-barrel Holley carburetor, double-roller timing chain and high-performance camshaft. Looking for restoration or aftermarket parts for your 82 Mustang? We have what you are looking for, check out our sections below. We have a great selection of performance parts, accessories, upgrades, and mods. We have all of the 82 Mustang parts you are looking for to get your Fox Body back in shape or just keep her looking and feeling great.

1982 Mustang Parts

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1982 Ford Mustang Specs

Engine HP TQ 0-60 1/4 Mile
2.3L 2V 4cyl 88 HP      
3.3L 1V 6cyl 94 HP      
4.2L 2V V-8 120 HP      
5.0L 2V V-8 157 HP      
Retail Prices
Model Price
Standard Coupe $6,346
Standard Coupe, GLX $6,980
Standard Hatchback $6,979
Standard Hatchback, GLX $7,101
Production Numbers
Model Quantity
Standard Coupe 45,316
Standard Coupe, GLX 5,828
Standard Hatchback 69,348
Standard Hatchback, GLX 9,926
VIN Decoder
Code Engine/Body/Options
1FA Ford Motor Co.
B Restraint system (B-active belts)
P Passenger Car
10 Body code (10 - 2dr L/GL, 16 - 3dr GL/GT, 12 - 2dr GLX, 13 - 3dr GLX)
A 2.3L 2V 4cyl 88hp
B 3.3L 1V 6cyl 94hp
D 4.2L 2V V-8 120hp
F 5.0L 2V V-8 157hp
6 Check digit (varies)
C Year (B - 1982)
F Plant (F-Dearborn)
000001 Consecutive unit number
Production Numbers by Color
Model Quantity
Red 11,881
Bright Red 871
Medium Yellow 154
Dark Curry Brown Metallic 61
Black 12,910
Silver Metallic 8.066
Medium Gray Metallic 339
Dark Blue Metallic 266
Medium Blue Glow 158
Medium Vanilla 124
Pastel vanilla 57
Dark Cordovan Metallic 157
Bittersweet Glow 137
Polar White 270
Special Service 4
Mustang Exterior Colors
Color Code
Red 24
Bright Red 27
Medium Yellow 61
Dark Curry Brown Metallic 69
Black 1C
Silver Metallic 1G
Medium Gray Metallic 1P
Dark Blue Metallic 3D
Medium Blue Glow 3H
Medium Vanilla 6Y
Pastel vanilla 6Z
Dark Cordovan Metallic 8N
Bittersweet Glow 8D
Polar White 9D
Mustang Interior Trim Colors
Wedgewood Blue
French Vanilla