Cervini's Mustang Pedestal Wing Installation Guide (2005-2009)

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Cervini's Pedestal Wing - Unpainted (05-09 All)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

Installation Time: 2 Hrs


  1. Remove the factory wing. Assemble the pedestals onto the wing as shown in Fig. A.image1
  2. Mount the wing along with the pedestal gaskets to the trunk with one bolt in each side. (thread the bolt through the rear hole of the trunk and into the rear thread of the pedestal).
  3. Tape the gasket to the trunk as shown in Fig. B, then remove the bolts and the wing from the trunk.image2
  4. This gasket is now your template for drilling the other hole for mounting the wing as shown in Fig. C.image3
  5. Once the hole has been drilled install the wing with the bolts and washers to the trunk.
  6. Install the threaded knob through the center of the speedster cover and into the speed nut that is already installed on the speedster cover. Snap the center piece to the bottom front of the speedster covers.

Installation instructions provided by Cervini's Auto Designs