Exedy Lightweight Racing Flywheel - 6 Bolt (96-98 GT; Late 01-10 GT)

Exedy Lightweight Racing Flywheel - 6 Bolt (96-98 GT; Late 01-10 GT)
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Hey Justin with AmericanMuscle.com here and welcome to my detailed breakdown of the Exedy Lightweight Racing Flywheel available for all 96 and newer Mustang GTs. Exedy is no doubt one of the biggest and most trusted names in stock and performance clutches and flywheels. They are one of the biggest OEM manufacturers of clutches and flywheels, and their support for the aftermarket is just as big. If you want to learn more about Exedy’s lineup of clutches, flywheels and clutch accessories, all you have to do is simply click the link below to head back to AmericanMuscle.com. So why would you want to go with a lightweight flywheel like this Exedy here? Well, whenever you’re upgrading your clutch, we strongly recommend upgrading your flywheel as well for a number of different reasons. The most obvious reason, it’s going to be much lighter. In fact, we do have a stock S197 flywheel here, along with our scale, and that weighs in at roughly 22.5 – 23 lbs, compare that with our Exedy flywheel, which does weigh about 16 lbs so depending on your application, you’re going to be shaving off about 6-7 lbs of rotational mass from your drivetrain. That’s huge, getting rid of that much mass from your drivetrain when it’s rotational mass, means the engine is going to feel more responsive, it’s going to rev quicker, and as a result your car is sure to accelerate to red line a little faster. OF course if you did want to learn more about the benefits of a lightweight flywheel you can always give us a call at 855-422-7439, or shoot us an email at support@AmericanMuscle.com. In addition both the SFI certified 6 and 8 bolt flywheels are made from solid one piece chromoly steel forgings, making them extremely strong in addition to being lightweight. Since they are one piece, all the ring gear teeth around the outside here are actually part of the flywheel itself, as opposed to other aluminum aftermarket flywheels which do have the ring gear teeth pressed onto the flywheel, which can be a known weak spot for failure down the road. Another unique feature of the Exedy flywheel is that they incorporate a special design into the flywheel itself to enhance air flow to both the clutch disk and the flywheel surface area. This is huge because as you may or may not know the biggest enemy to any clutch is excessive heat. Excessive heat will cause your clutch to start slipping like crazy and eventually it may glaze over possibly causing permenent damage to both the clutch disk and the flywheel itself. Whenever installing a new aftermarket clutch we strongly recommend going with an aftermarket flywheel of the same brand. So obviously if you’re going with an Exedy clutch we recommend going with the Exedy flywheel here just to ensure fitment and operation. It also makes sense to install both at the same time since obviously the trans will need to be dropped to do both. If this is something you haven’t done before, we recommend getting this one done by your local shop, on the other hand if you do this kind of thing all the time and you have access to all the right tools, just leave yourself about 4 hours or a nice Sunday afternoon in the garage to get everything bolted up, and don’t forget to follow the recommended manufacturer break in procedure for your clutch, before you really start beating on the car. Exedy’s lightweight racing flywheel offers a solid one piece chromoly construction, that reduces the rotational mass of your drivetrain , all of which results into a freer revving, more responsive engine and of course it can be found right here at AmericanMuscle.com, and if you should have any questions on what flywheel you need for your application, whether it’s 6 or 8 bolt, just give us a call at 855-422-7439.

About Exedy

Exedy Clutches and Flywheels
EXEDY Corporation is one of the world’s largest independent OEM clutch and flywheel manufacturers. They supply Ford and GM as well as a diverse portfolio of car companies abroad. Unlike their competitors, EXEDY racing clutches are not rebuilt OE or modified stock clutches. All EXEDY racing and performance clutches are engineered, designed, and built from the ground up as race clutches – in the shadow of their OEM products.
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Product Features

  • Designed to reduce weight
  • Enhances airflow for cooling
  • 6 bolt pattern
  • Billet chromoly steel
  • SFI Certified
  • Intended for use with Exedy clutches
  • Fits 1996-1998 and late 2001-2010 GT
Peace of Mind. When upgrading to an Exedy performance race clutch resurfacing your old stock flywheel just won't cut the mustard. A brand new matching flywheel is a much better choice than resurfacing, as the flywheel will dictate how well your race clutch will perform, as well as how long it will last.

Engineered For Better Response. Made from one piece solid billet chromoly steel forgings, Exedy Race Mustang Flywheels are specifically engineered to reduce weight and inertia for improved engine response. This Race Flywheel incorporates special design features to enhance air flow to improve the cooling of the clutch.

SFI Certified. If you're using this flywheel in high performance or racing applications, SFI Certification is critical so you can run your Pony at the track or strip. And it's great for peace of mind even in a daily driver - at higher RPMs, stock cast flywheels have been known to explode.

Application. This Exedy Racing Flywheel fits the 1996-1998 GT, late 2001-2010 GT and Bullitt Mustangs with a six bolt main. This the perfect companion to your new Exedy Clutch.

Technical Note. This Exedy Flywheel is designed for the GT Mustang's with a six bolt main. 2001 Mustangs with production date after 01/01 have a six bolt main. Please check with your Ford dealer to determine if you have a 6 bolt or an 8 bolt main.
Flywheel Specifications
Year/Model: 96-98 GT
late 01-10 GT
Manufacture: Exedy
Material: Billet Chromoly Steel Bolt Pattern: 6 Bolt
Hardware Included: None SFI Certifited: Yes

Installation Time:

(approx) 3 Hours

Difficulty Level:

Mechanical expertise or professional installation required.

What's in the box?

  • (1) Flywheel
  • (3) Dowel pins

Installation Guides:

What's in the box?

  • (1) Flywheel
  • (3) Dowel pins
  • GT 96, 97, 98, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10
  • Bullitt 01, 08, 09

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