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George G's mustang photos

George G
George G
George G
George G
George G

About The Experts

George G

George G

Customer Service
Certifications: Ford Certified Diesel Technician, UTI Ford FACT Graduate

My life has always involved cars. My Dad drag raced up until the time I was born, and my Mom spent lots of time at the local dragstrips while she was pregnant with me. Yes, the sound of high compression V8’s and the smell of tire smoke must have had an effect on me.

I spent countless hours as a child playing with HotWheels and Matchbox cars and I could regularly be seen reading HOTROD, Car Craft and assorted other car magazines during the 1970’s and 80’s. I loved the car drawings of Steve Stanford and Duane Kuchar, and I would imagine driving the streetmachines of their imaginations. My High School years were spent cruising the local hangouts, a bit of street racing and trying to get my car’s stance to look like Steve and Duane’s illustrations.

About George G's mustang

George G's Black '10 GT

I got my first Mustang in 1993 and I’ve owned four Mustangs in total; a 1991 5.0 LX Hatchback, a 2000 GT, a 1998 Cobra and my current ride, a 2010 GT.

When my current ride found me, I was looking for an ‘08-’09 Bullitt because of its plain styling and balanced setup. While doing some research for the power and handling specs of the Bullitt, I read that the engine calibration and suspension package for the ’09 Bullitt was carried over into the 2010 GT. I preferred the updates of the ’10-up cars, so I started looking for a 2010 GT.

And there it was. I actually got a little warm and sweaty when I looked at the dealer’s photos of the car. When I drove it, I just knew it was MY car.


Wheels & Tire Package
Styling Upgrades
  • Hurst T-Handle Shift Knob w/ Button (79-13 All)
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Roush Cold Air Intake (10-13 GT)
  • Future Modifications
  • BBK Ceramic Tuned Length Headers
  • MAC Cut and Clamp ProChamber
  • Flowmaster American Thunder Classic Axleback
  • Aluminum Driveshaft
  • Barton Shifter
  • Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams