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Heather's mustang photos


About The Experts



Process Management
Certifications: Certified mechanic (ATC Exton)

I went to automotive school in Exton, PA, and worked as a mechanic for a while. My dad is a huge Ford guy; he used to drag race and my uncles raced motorcycles so I was always in the garage growing up. Working here is nice because it's not as strenuous as working in a garage but I still get to talk about cars all day. The best part about this job is still having the energy/desire to work on MY car when I get home...or in the parking lot on my lunch break.

Lola got her name from the song “Lola” by The Kinks. Lola is not exceptionally fast, but fast enough to get me in trouble (we got 2 speeding tickets within a month… from the same state trooper), and has also done some light off-roading (which was somewhat intentional). Aside from serving as my ride to work, Lola enjoys road trips and has been to the Poconos, Maryland, West Virginia, and Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, SC.

If I could have any Mustang it would be a 2012 Boss Laguna Seca Edition - I'd drive it around Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca. Maybe once I get the supercharger on Lola I will get to take her around one of these famous tracks!

About Heather's mustang

Heather's Black '04 V6

Lola was my 22nd birthday present to myself, and was just repainted in early August after an unfortunate encounter with a deer derailed my mod schedule, but we should be caught up by next spring. At the moment I’m only planning minor engine/body mods, however there may be forced induction in her future. I am looking to keep Lola and add another Mustang to my collection. I do love my v6 but I think a V8 will be the next addition. Lola is easily identifiable by her AmericanMuscle plate - "AM Lola"

Awards & recognition
  • 2009 AmericanMuscle Calendar

    Wheels & Tire Package
  • Sumitomo All Season 245/50-16 Tires
  • Styling Upgrades
  • Smoked OE Headlights
  • GT front bumper
  • GT-style rear bumper
  • HID headlight conversion
  • AM decals galore (windshield, quarter window, etc.)
  • GT-style fog light conversion
  • Mach 1 Style Chin Spoiler
  • AM vanity plate (“AM Lola”)
  • Plate frame
  • Smoked taillights
  • Sequential taillights
  • Third Brake light tint
  • Performance Upgrades
  • K&N drop-in replacement filter
  • NGK Iridium Performance plugs
  • MSD wires
  • Short Shifter
  • Powerslot Rotors
  • Hawk HPS front pads
  • Hawk HPS rear pads
  • Future Modifications
  • Ford Racing 7.5” Traction-Lok Differential
  • Motive Bearing Kit for 7.5” Differential