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Mustang Strut Tower Braces: Uses & Applications

Written By: Andrew Cilio

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to have your Mustang driving like it's on rails is by installing a shock or strut tower brace. A brace will install in less than an hour and you will instantly feel the results.

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A strut tower brace with help stiffen the front suspension of your Mustang by providing added support to the strut towers, preventing flex during cornering. Here's an explanation of these braces from their benefits and uses to who should be using them and why.

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Sway Bars vs. Strut Bars - The Differences

  • Strut Bars - also known as a “strut tower brace”, this bar connects to the top of the strut towers (either front or rear) and prevents the chassis flexing during cornering. It makes the chassis more rigid, resulting in better handling, by preventing the strut towers from flexing. Preventing strut tower flex ensures that the tires are always flat on the ground, increasing the contact patch of the tire. More tire contact means better traction and handling.
  • Sway Bars - also known as a stabilizer bar, or anti-sway bar, connects the suspension to the body of the vehicle, and it prevents “body roll”. The stiffer the sway bar, the less roll that will occur. 
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How does a Strut Tower Brace Work? 

Because the unibody design of your Mustang is meant to distribute force and resistance across the chassis, your car will twist and the strut towers tend to flex and move inward, toward one another. This inner flex in the front struts and tendency for the car to want to "fold" in on itself when cornering will produce understeer - a plowing effect that feels as if the car is headed to the outside of the turn and will not fully navigate the bend. To prevent this inner movement of the strut towers, placing a brace linking both towers together will keep them parallel to one another and plant your tires firmly on the road.

2000 Mustang GT at the Track

Triangular vs. Regular, 2-Point Mustang Strut Tower Braces 

A triangular brace will provide added stiffness to the front end, tying in the firewall with both strut towers. Older, pre 2005 Mustangs have an added need for this connection as their chassis tend to be less stiff from the factory and well tend to understeer more often than its S-197 counterpart.

Regular and Triangulated Brace Infograph

Which Strut Tower Brace is Right for my Mustang? 

Choosing a brace comes down to two things - performance needs and aesthetics. Again, those with pre-S197 Mustangs will definitely want to invest in a strut tower brace to work against the car's tendencies toward understeer. 2005 and newer Mustangs do not suffer from the same flexing issues but are still better off with a brace than without. Those who wish to race around road courses will also find added value in a strut brace as it can tie together a number of other front suspension mods and help keep the front of the car flat and planted firmly to the road. Combine this with a set of sticky and wide tires and you have a formula for cornering success every time. 

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