2011 Ford Mustang Parts & Performance (V6, GT & Specialty)

2011 Ford Mustang ('11)
This new Mustang brings enthusiasts one-of-a-kind muscle car styling based on that classic Mustang look. The 2011 Ford Mustang parts list brings something special out of the factory... a cold air induction for a generous boost of horsepower. Some of the 2011 Mustang V6 performance parts have been taken to a new level by receiving a dual exhaust system to help it breathe - standard. Both the 2011 GT and V6 now pack all new engines. Each include Ti-VCT (twin independent variable cam timing) technology for performance no matter the RPM. The V6 boasts a die cast aluminum 3.4L rated at 305 HP and 280 lb-ft of torque. Ford reintroduced a legend in the GT model - the famous 5.0 Liter. It lives up to expectations with an increased airflow cylinder head design and High-Energy Coil-on-Plug technology for more powerful combustion. This paired with a hi-flow dual exhaust produce 412 HP and plenty of low end torque. Piston cooling jets make sure the 5.0 is built for longevity (or abuse). Ford offers an optional 6 speed automatic transmission for the V6 and GT models.

The most powerful 2011 Pony, the Shelby GT 500, sports an all aluminum 5.4L 32V supercharged V8 capable of delivering 540 horses and 510 lb-ft of torque. This Shelby includes a Tremec 6 speed manual transmission and 14 Brembo vented rotors with 4 piston calipers (front), and 11.8 vented rotors with 2 piston calipers (rear). This stop and go power comes standard on all GT 500 models.

2011 Mustang Parts

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2011 Ford Mustang Specs

Engine HP TQ 0-60 1/4 Mile
3.7L V6 305 280 N/A N/A
5.0L DOHC V-8 412 390 N/A N/A
5.4L DOHC Supercharged V-8 - GT500 550 510 N/A N/A
Retail Prices
Model Price
V6 Coupe $22,145.00
V6 Premium Coupe $25,845.00
V6 Convertible $27,145.00
V6 Premium Convertible $30,845.00
GT Coupe $29,645.00
GT Premium Coupe $32,845.00
GT Convertible $34,645.00
GT Premium Convertible $37,845.00
GT500 Coupe $48,645.00
GT500 Convertible $53,645.00
Production Numbers
Model Quantity
V6 Coupe 27,122
V6 Premium Coupe N/A
V6 Convertible 9,233
V6 Premium Convertible N/A
GT Coupe 18,804
GT Premium Coupe N/A
GT Convertible 4,526
GT Premium Convertible N/A
GT500 Coupe 4,094
GT500 Convertible 932
Mustang Club of America Coupe 435
Mustang Club of America Convertible 422
California Special GT Coupe 2,492
California Special GT Convertible 600
Production Numbers by Color
Model Quantity
Race Red N/A
Grabber Blue N/A
Red Candy Metallic N/A
Performance White N/A
Ebony N/A
Ingot Silver Metallic N/A
Kona Blue Metallic N/A
Sterling Grey Metallic N/A
Yellow Blaze Metallic Tri-Coat N/A
Mustang Exterior Colors
Color Code
Grabber Blue CI
Red Candy Metallic U6
Performance White HP
Ingot Silver Metallic UX
Kona Blue Metallic L6
Sterling Grey Metallic UJ
Yellow Blaze Metallic Tri-Coat NQ
Black UA
Race Red PQ
Mustang Interior Trim Colors
Color Code
Black N/A
Black w/ Red Accent N/A
Black w/ Grabber Blue Accent N/A
Black w/ Silver Accent N/A
Black w/ White Accent N/A
Brick Red w/ Cashmere Accent N/A
Charcoal Black N/A
Charcoal Black w/ Cashmere Accent N/A
Charcoal Black w/ Grabber Blue Accent N/A
Stone N/A