BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer ('86-'93 5.0L) - Installation Instructions

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BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer (86-93 5.0L)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

  • 5/16 socket
  • 1/2 Deep well socket
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Other miscellaneous sockets depending on your setup
  • An old hand towel or shop rag
Installation Time: 60 Mins


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable (very important!)
  2. Carefully disconnect the MAF sensor wiring connector from sensor itself.

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 2

  3. Remove your intake air hose setup, and pull it away from the Throttle Body. Now is a good time to check and make sure that your new throttle body fits the old hose tubes connecting your air intake.

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 3

  4. Disconnect throttle position sensor (you won’t be reusing it, but don’t destroy it), and Idle speed controller from throttle body.
  5. Take your old hand towel and place it on top of your valve covers or somewhere underneath the throttle body and its hoses. The hoses will most likely discharge some coolant so watch your eyes, wear glasses or goggles to be extra safe.

  6. Disconnect any other hoses you may have going into it, or the EGR

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 4

  7. Apply some WD40 or similar penetrating lubricant to the nuts to make removal easier, if they have never been removed before this can be rather difficult.
  8. The throttle linkage cable can be removed either before or after the throttle body is disconnected, but removing it first is the preferred method. Don’t be afraid to tug a little bit, or gently pry with a flat blade screw driver, being careful not to break the cable or linkage.
  9. Using your socket carefully remove the 4 nuts around the throttle body. You may need to use a deep well to get to some of them, again, depends on your setup.
  10. Pull the throttle body off of the old gasket and away from the EGR spacer.

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 5

  11. If this is the first time you’ve removed the throttle body and EGR, you can see how much gunk has accumulated inside. The bolts may be rusted beyond use and if you’re having doubts, it’s always best to just go and get some new bolts, because you’d much rather spend on new ones then have an old one break off inside your new parts.
  12. Like stated above, if you’ve never removed the EGR before it may be stuck onto the intake because the bolts have rusted and corroded into it (that was the case with mine). It took a lot of force, patience, and a hammer (not recommended).However, you may be lucky and not have any trouble.

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 7

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 8

  13. Place the gaskets onto the intake (make sure they’re turned the correct way) and slide them over the bolts.
  14. Slide the EGR Spacer on. Place the next gasket in the right position over the EGR. Install the throttle body. BBK recommends you torque the nuts at 12-18lbs.

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 9

  15. Place the new gasket onto the Idle controller. Reconnect the throttle linkage. Connect and tighten all coolant hoses and any vacuum lines. Connect the throttle position sensor

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 10

  16. Reconnect the air intake hose or piping, making sure the MAF is connected. Check all nuts, bolts, hose clamps, electrical connections, etc. Connect the battery cable.
  17. Start the vehicle, it may have a rough idle at first, but should calm down and stabilize once it warms up.
  18. Make sure you have no coolant leaks if you do, it’s probably coming from behind the EGR (mine did because I forgot to tighten the hose clamp.
  19. Check your idle, if it’s not set at the preferred position, adjust the screw on the bottom of the throttle body by the linkage.
  20. Adjusting this screw will determine how far open the butterfly valve is. Clockwise will open it up more and increase the idle.
  21. With the engine off, and key on; check the throttle position sensor and make sure the voltage is between 0.8v and 1.0v if not, you will have to adjust further. You will need a voltmeter for this.

    BBK 75mm Throttle Body w/ EGR Spacer 86-93 5.0L 11

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Sean Cahill 9.27.10