How to install a BBK Phenolic Spacer Kit for Intake Manifolds on your Mustang

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BBK Phenolic Spacer Kit for GT-40/Cobra Intake Manifolds (86-93 5.0L)DOWNLOAD PDF

Tools Required

Installation Time: (approx) 3 Hours


Step 1 Disconnect the throttle duct hose from the throttle body.

Step 2 Disconnect the throttle linkage from the throttle body and also the kickdown linkage if applicable.

Step 3 Disconnect the wire connectors from the upper manifold and also the vacuum lines on the underside of the upper intake.

Step 4 Remove the cover plate from the upper intake if so equipped. Next remove the six bolts from the upper intake.

Step 5 Lift off the upper intake and discard the gasket, also making sure both surfaces are free from dirt and grease.

Step 6 Next install the phenolic spacer by placing a new gasket on both sides of the spacer.

Step 7 Use the new bolts provided and tighten to 14-24 lbs. in a cris-cross pattern beginning with the center bolts.

Step 8 Next simply reverse the previous steps.