How to Install Caliper Covers on you 2011-2012 Mustang GT and V6

Tools Required

  • Safety Glasses
  • Car Jack and Lug Wrench for wheel removal/replacement
  • Wire Clippers
  • Torque Wrench
Installation Time: 1 Hour


  1. Lift car safely and remove wheel.

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-1

  2. (Front wheel calipers only) find a pair of wires at the top and bottom of the calipers.

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-2

  3. Wires will interfere with Caliper Covers. Clip off excess wire with clippers. (WARNING – Make sure safety glasses are on for this step.)

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-3

  4. Remove nuts from Caliper cover (For rear calipers, remove nuts from the C-clips)

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-4

  5. Place caliper cover on the brake caliper, aligning the crescent of the cover with the caliper.
  6. Slide C-clips over the tabs attached to the caliper covers. (Clips will be marked as “Front” and “Rear”. Use accordingly.)
  7. Use a flat spacer (business card or similar size will do) to make sure there is at least 1/16” clearance between the C-clip and the rotor disc. There will be very little clearance.

    (NOTE: For rear caliper covers, Slide clips on first, then caliper cover tabs over the clips. Rear caliper cover tabs may require additional adjustment to provide adequate clearance between the clips and the rotor disc.)

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-5

  8. Loosely tighten nuts by hand on the c-clips.
  9. Adjust the caliper cover and clips as needed to make sure that there is clearance between the clips and the rotor disc.
  10. Tighten with wrench about a ¼ Turn or torque at 25 inch pounds. Do not over tighten.

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-6

  11. Inspect work and check rotor disc clearance. Caliper cover should look similar to the image below.

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-7

  12. Reinstall wheel. Before lowering the car, make sure the wheel rotates freely, with no rubbing against the clips or caliper cover.

    Caliper-Covers-Installation--(2011-2013 V6/GT)-Mustang-Install-81137-8

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